Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I know right, fifty shades again?! Many people been asking me why am I so totally into this book and before I could even explain why, they concluded that I love reading porn. Like seriously man, reading porn? No. I love this book because this book for me is not just all about sex. I somehow can see the insight of the story, I can visualize Christian Grey's childhood and how impeccable he would be if he really does exist. 

My addiction towards fifty is almost incurable (I think). Even when I'm with my boyfriend, I can just read and read and read, engrossing in this book the whole day and ignore him. Then when I'm done with one book, I get very emotional, depressed and do not feel like talking at all. My mind was all about fifty shades trilogy. I wonder how christian grey looks like, how attractive Anatalsia is, why is Grey's childhood so fucked up and etc etc. My mind has nothing else but this book. 

Then I realize, I have been living in E.L James imagination and I can't seem to get myself out. It's like a part of me is in fifty and when I'm done reading the book, part of me is gone. :( I seek for advice from my best friend and my sister. They said I have to stop living in their "world", it does not exist. They know how I feel like when I said a part of me is gone because they feel the same after watching certain series and anime. They said I need to socialize. 

I took my phone and scrolled the name list over and over again. Who can I socialize with? I'm the only one so far I've know that has done reading fifty shades trilogy. Who else can I share my depression and addiction with? Then I look up for fifty fan page in internet. I read the comments pages by pages and I told myself if I would to join them then my addiction will not go any better, I will just keep drowning indefinitely.

After a while, I decided to story the whole thing to the boyfriend. He was like woooo, wuaaa and etc etc then when i'm done I asked him can u visualize the whole thing? Not the BDSM part but I mean the  melancholia part of christian's childhood and how strong ana has to be for him? He murmured no vaguely.

Someone has to help me out. I tried diverting my attention to baking, shopping and trying hard to plan our upcoming europe trip, but it seems like it's not working on me.

It's just a damn book, but why on earth am I so addicted to it?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

I was contemplating whether to buy that set of fifty shades of trilogy displaying in front of me for quite some time. I knew it was erotic fiction novels. People been saying that reading those three books are like reading porns but the selling had been so outrageous that it actually beat Harry potter series. I pondered on that fact and after walking in and out the bookstore for 5 times or more because of my indecisive. I gave it a go.

And it was just the damn right decision I had made. It was a very good book. I was overwhelmed by the content. Christian Grey and Ana. There were just so much dilemma, agony, denial, admiration and romance between them. What can I say? The guy was hopelessly romantic but had a commitment issue while Ana was head over heels in love with him and trying so hard to deal with her fantasy boyfriend conflict.

And the phrase "laters, baby" it just sound so sweet to me. I mean, yea I never get that from my boyfriend since the first day i'm with him. I actually secretly wished that he will just mention that phrase in SMS or whatsapp one day just to make me happy but no, romance is just not his cup of tea.

Back to fifty shades of grey, I finished this book in a day! Record-breaking. I was so engrossed in it that I ignored the Internet, movies and my boyfriend even. Right now I had finished, the whole story just kept ringing in my head. I kept picturing myself standing beside them watching the whole story flow. The author was very brilliant in his writing indeed. I did not feel like just purely reading this novel, I felt like I was in the cinema watching a movie. Yes, I can picture every single scene.

I'm not aroused even though it contains numerous erotic parts in it. It was more of a melancholia to me.

Can't wait to finish fifty shades darker and freed! Highly recommend this book peeps!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Car Rental at Ipoh

Today, I'm here not to tarnish the reputation of a company (019 556 215*) but to share with you all, an extremely UNPLEASANT deal with the owner and owner's wife of the car rental shop. To be exact, how they pissed me off like no tomorrow. I hate complaining about other people and etc in my blog but for this case, I can't help it at all. 


My convocation was on the 23rd October. To make it on time and since Ipoh does not have airport, we (parents, bf and I) had to travel bit earlier to settle for transportation in Ipoh and to UTP and also I wanted to bring them around in Ipoh, to let them have a look at the place which I had been spending 5 years at. So, to facilitate our movement around Ipoh, I approached this company and requested for a wira auto since it was only RM160 for 24 hours. They promised to drive the car to the bus stop where we all reached initially as well.

Then "good" thing began with my okay. When we reached the bus stop, what welcomed us was not a wira but an Avanza. HELLO SCAM. I questioned the driver why avanza? I requested for wira and the reason I chose the company was because of the damn wira that's only RM160. Now you appear with an avanza how you gonna charge us? He insisted that price is negotiable so we followed him to the shop. I told him that instead of 24 hours I need the car for like 28 hours.

The bos, a guy who couldn't converse in Mandarin but spoke good cantonese and English nodded his head and bla a few words in cantonese then said "okay, RM200 for that 28 hours." Then we signed the agreement and etc and paid and left happily. 

But, half an hour later, the boss called and raged at me. He said I have to return the car at 1pm (24 hours rental only) and If I want to rent extra time I have to pay RM15 per hour. I was like wtf dude, we agreed RM200 until 5pm (28 hours). The lame excuse he gave me was (please read properly):


Seriously old man?!! Seriously??? Why the heck you keep nodding your head if you don't understand a shit. And I clearly remember you answered me back in cantonese:

"Ok until 5pm. Avanza RM200"

So we had an argument over phone and he said it was not refundable if i don't wanna use the car anymore (even though it was a scam). I told him if he wants the car just come to my hotel to collect together with the $ and my photostated IC and etc. 

He said "you took something from my company you should come back here"

I yelled back at him "for f sake I paid RM200. You come here!!"

In the end, he charged us RM30 for the fare that he picked us up from medan gopeng to his shop, and return the rest of the money, yelled and scolded me and said don't wanna do my business anymore. The wife, such a busy-body wife also joined him.

Like hello? You cheated me at the first place then you yelled at me for this and that? I'm so super pissed at them that I yelled at them. I don't care if you are 80 or 70 something or what. Don't act like you are so educated (speak english and cantonese only but not mandarin) in front of me. 

When people speak to you in mandarin or english, and even if you can't speak/understand mandarin, at least answer back in English or question us back in English what we are saying!!! Don't just pretend to be so smart and keep nodding. 

It's like one day you asked me something in Cantonese, and I answered you back in Foo Chow cause that's my dialect. Does that make sense? NO!! Cantonese is just a dialect not a universe language! 

And to that ah pek, seriously just retire you old man. "You speak mandarin just now I don't understand" What a joke. Why the hell you kept nodding there then? Nod for fun?! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

24th Birthday

Finally I have the mood to jot something down again. I have been staying home everyday after graduation and all I do is becoming a chauffeur, a cook, a babysitter and a baker. Okay I actually enjoy doing all these things and I do all of them voluntarily. :P I know, weirdo. 

So I celebrated my 24th birthday yesterday and earlier with parents on Friday. Last year I celebrated it in Singapore, you can read here. This year we had a really simple celebration because well i'm turning 24th (and old) and  I don't really have the urge to have any big or grand or whatever celebration you call it. 

Boyf picked me up at 7pm and we went to Best Western which was just right opposite my house haha. We could actually just walk there but I dislike sweating. I actually bought a dress to wear on that night but the bust size was too big for me. I can like put two more oranges into there so that it won't fall. Anyway, I'm selling that dress off as soon as my friend tries on it and if she can't fit in perfectly.

Okay so enough of my rubbish talk. Here's picture of us while waiting for our food. There's so much on the menu that we couldn't decide. So we agreed not to order the same thing that we savored before and to try something new. 

For starter we had cheese baked mussels which were really good. Kinda regretted we only went for 1/2 dozen instead of a dozen. 

I always loved cheese baked mussels but boyf just seemed to not liking the idea of having cheese on top of them haha but for this one, he had no say about it at all because it was really yummy.

As for starter, we had a bowl of oxtail soup each. Before it was served we were hoping that it won't be as tasteless as we had it at the same place here last night. And the cook did not disappoint us at all. Maybe because it was my birthday haha. 

As for my main course I went for "old man and the sea" with blue cheese which was a combination of king prawns, chicken, fish, and steak. I love it except the chicken because I'm not into chicken breast at all. In fact I hate it. Whenever I eat chicken I always go for drumstick/thighs/wings. No breast unless I'm left with no choice at all. So I finished everything except the chicken. 

As for the boyf, he opted for lamb rack since lamb was the only thing that was not only on my plate. His dish was way way nicer than mine. 

Then here come my birthday cake. I had coffee flavor mille crepe cake as my birthday cake this year. It was ordered online and finally a mille crepe cake after my malacca trip in August!!

And also I got my three champagne roses from the boyfriend too. Posing with it before entering the car i'm such a poser hahaha but who cares i'm so happy I have roses. 

Thanks for everything love. Appreciate it and I'm 24! :)