Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tosokchun, Korea (for ginseng chicken)

I'm slowing picking back up the mood to blog due to my heavy workload and super tight traveling schedule. And of course I'm not done with Korea yet. I was suppose to be in Japan in May but due to boyf's tight working schedule, we had to burn our flight tickets. 

Speaking about the best ginseng chicken (sam gae tang) you can ever find in Seoul, one shall not miss Tosokchun's ginseng chicken! From in-sadong, I remember it was fairly easy to go there. Walk all straight heading to insadong's tourist information counter, turn left walk straight at the third junction turn left and tadaaa, there's Tosokchun.

It was so super packed with tourists that I suggest if you want to go, go before 12 or lunch time. The boyf and I reached there at 11am and we skipped the queuing part. :P How lucky. As usual the kimchi appetizer will just be there for you for free and tea will be served, free as well.

We did not order any other side dish like roasted chicken, pancake or whatsoever because this one portion of ginseng chicken is more than enough to make you full. Imagine eating one whole chicken, with rice and soup somemore. BLurppp. 

This is me and my super big portion of ginseng chicken. Forgot about the price because when we eat, we seldom look at the price.

And then inside the chicken is one whole big piece of ginseng which made the soup and rice so freaking delicious. Because the ginseng and rice is stuffed in the chicken and brought to boil, imagine how sweet the soup was. We ordered for extra ginseng (in liquid) also from the staffs and one of them gave us secretly for free because she said they are not suppose to give extra. 

And then look at the queue outside tosokchun. Picture was taken after our meal. How lucky we were! For more info on the price and how to go tosokchun, tell you trip advisor is the best site for planning trips. No joke.