Monday, September 26, 2011

Uni 2.0

I think I have by far accepted the bloody fact that I'm in this hellhole/shithole or whatever else you called it. Yea, I'm back in my university. >;(

No one loves being here except freaks. No one gets excited over it. I'm really getting annoyed being here - the sun, the heat, the food, the cafe and etc. I don't know why. I wanted to fill in details for my current room, but that fat fellow is never in her office! I even went to her room, knocked on the door for soooo long and there's no one at all.


Pfff. See, that's why I'm pissed.

That is my side of the bed. Looks comfy but still my bed at home is the best. I miss home so much. Can you imagine being away from university for 9 freaking months and back to where you started again? Oh noooossss!

And this is my favorite corner. Mannnnn I'm counting down to the days ahahaha so happy to receive a good news from him today even though part of it is bad for him. (It's all your fault Aimran, if you are reading this! >:P)

And this was my tea break earlier. Prune cakes baked by my mum, all the way from Miri. So delicious. And I almost finish it already. Damn. what am I gonna eat after that? Cereals with biscuits, oats with milk ..... (sien)

Anyway, as the saying goes, learn to dance in the rain. Perhaps I should quit complaining and start enjoying uni life to bits? Wonder when can I do that. Crap.


Will blog about my hongkong, macau, shenzhen trip soon hopefully.


Physically here, mentally and emotionally NOT.

I just dislike being here. Nuff said.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I really do feel blessed and couldn't thank God enough for blessing me with such wonderful and amazing family.

Always pray that every single of them will be healthy, happy and showered by God abundant blessings all the time.


Islands Hopping

The first outdoor activities we ever have together in the other state would none other but island hopping which was fantastic!

We explored Sapi, Manukan and Manutik islands in Sabah. Few things worth remembering would be in the beach suits for the first time together with the bf ;) , first time holding hand exploring the underwater, first time being amazed by the power of nature created by the almighty God, first time this and that..

Will be flying to KK tomorrow for 2 nights before our flight to the shopping & food heaven - HongKong.

No islands hopping tomorrow since we did it not long ago but definitely miss it so muchhhh!

Monday, September 12, 2011


This is such an outdated post on my first ever Kuching trip with the sole purpose of meeting the bf family which he planned to surprise his family as well. Mannnn first time being introduced to the bf family, butterflies in stomach. :S God knows for how long I stood outside the gate with him and almost chickened out of going in because I was so nervous.

I flew alone to Kuching on that day. Bf was back few days earlier since he was having his off days.

Upon my arrival to Kuching, he quickly brought me to savor one of the best "cha kueh" in town which turned out to be really good be it the taste, the spiciness or simply because of my hunger. Kuching was not like Miri. When I was there, the road was so congested that a 5 minute driving distance journey could turn out to be near to an hour. Crappp! =.="

Speaking here, I do not understand why KL people so damn proud of their traffic jam in the city as if other cities do not experience jam like that. Annoying.

Back to topic, so this was the cha kueh which we had as brunch. ;)


Since I was in Kuching, I did not miss the chance to try out their infamous kuching laksa as well. Too bad the most famous stall selling it was close that day. The laksa, which I must admit, was really good, anytime better than Miri overpriced Mdm Wee laksa.


Other than food, of course we went dating/shopping/movie or whatever as well. :P

Harloooo :3

I seized the chance to try out the belacan meehoon and abc one Sunday as well. I did not quite like the belacan meehoon for no reason. The taste was some sort of acquired taste which was just not my taste anyway. As for the abc, was not really a big fan of kuching abc though. Maybe because we went to the wrong place for the wrong things.

The fried yam, sweet potato and shrimps cake was really cheap in kuching selling at 60cent to 80 cent for one piece.

And my most favorite throughout this kuching trip would definitely be their kueh chap!!! Must try k anywhere in kuching because I forgottten where I had this in Kuching already haha.

p.s: I'm so distracted by Mayday songs currently. Keeps singing along.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Last year, I went to Pangkor Island with a few close friends of mine before we all parted for the 9 months internship training.

In terms of companies, it was amazing. Cost wise, it was super cheap as I only spent RM100 for the whole Pangkor trip inclusive of transportation, accomodation, water activities and food.

However speaking of the island itself, oh gosh, please don't go there if you have any other option. The beach there, was so super dirty that basically you are soaked in the polluted, coffee-alike color water for hours just for the sake of water activities, which were ridiculously lame and dull as well. Sorry for all those who stay in Pangkor island but no offence, it's the truth.

There weren't any/very little caucasians when we were there. We went from one beach to another by foot and it was burning hot that time. I did not mind walking under the scorching hot sun for another beach but please let me feel the sunburnt and the walking is worthy at least? I felt being sunburnt unnecessary anyway. Am I complaining too much? No. Cause I'm seriously effing sick of bloggers who did not pen down the truth and kept saying every single shit nice. Enough of those nonsense.

Like what I said, companies wise was great. My friend who was residing in Pangkor managed to book us an apartment at a relatively cheap cost and hence the RM100 spent only. Spent the night drinking like mad which I swore to myself to quit drinking like a stupid biatch after that.

The hangover was just an excruciating pain in my ass. It was like someone been using a hammer to knock on my head zillion times. Oh crap!

the gang that I went with

So, I'm not gonna write down/intro any apartment there or how you should even get there because


why am i up at 2am?

The reason for late night sleep: GAME!

FML and the sims social.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The LDR, will WE survive?

For we are couples in Christ,

and hence We will!

Love could be this simple when you surrender everything to God.

Isn't God amazing?


I had been slacking a lot since I came back from KL last week, sending my sister off to London. Thanks to education! My siblings and I are being separated into 3 different continents in this world! While goodbye was always hard, we did enjoy ourselves in KL with all the good food, CROWDS and those no discount/sales shopping!

harrlllloooo :P

I have been flying to and fro KL this year so many times that I lost count. I have no problems with flying but what pissed me off every single time was those annoying kids who cried non-stop in the flight or aunties who talked like no tomorrow? Hello. I understand that kids were out of control but tony or whoever it is, you guys are so smart, why not a baby section in the flight?! And aunties, oh well.. what can I say. :S

Other than flying/traveling/whatever, most of the time I would be babysitting my aunt's precious daughter at home. She is sooooooooo adorable that I can just look and carry her whole day despite her current weighs now. And often, I get those maternity kicks into me even though I'm merely 22 years old. Why oh why do I love baby that much? All thanks to this cute little angel.

aaawww the adorable angel <3


And the best friend who is finally back from Kuching. One thing I learnt about friendship is friends come and go, only real one stay.

Those who go, I wish you all the worst for being a goner. And yea, I'm this mean.

btw, hello nv ren hehe.