Friday, March 15, 2013

London (Part2)

I basically had no sleep since my arrival at London, or to be exact, since I boarded the flight to London. =.=" Whenever I'm sleep deprived, my usually small eyes will become even smaller (become just a small thin line only wtf!)

Anyway, even before I came to Europe I told the fiance that I must try every single macaroons that I saw, branded non-branded I did not plan to miss any single bit of it. So yea, sister brought me to Pierre Herme in London for take away macaroons before our lunch. We chose the pistachio, vanilla, chocolate, rose and matcha flavors. Among all, rose is my utmost favorite flavor followed by pistachio. Chocolate flavor macaroons were just being chocolaty, not up to my taste.

Pierre Herme, London

Pierre Herme offered a wide range of macaroons. You mentioned and they have it. But it was quite pricey too, at 2 pound per piece. Well, at least still cheaper than Laduree macaroons. 

Pierre Herme's Macaroons
Saw a lot of nice pastries and meringues selling at the stall next to Pierre Herme too. I'm a total loser when it comes to cakes and all sort of pastries. I almost bought all of them then luckily the boyf stopped me and dragged me away.

Don't they look super tempting?!?!?

Then sister suggested we went for Busaba Eathai for lunch as she was craving for thai food. We almost got lost there and because of the rains, I had to put my macaroons in the boyf backpack. So what happened? There were all smashed up, like ruined! T________T Still edible just that they did not look good anymore. 


Busaba Eathai was quite a famous thai restaurant in London as they have quite a number of branches. And it was packed most of the time. We waited for a shared seat for like 20 minutes. Had to sharing tables with 5 different group of people somemore. =.=" 

le sisters

boy's green curry

sister's pad thai

mine - tom yam mee hoon

For me, the portion was really small. I was not full at all after having that bowl of tom yam. Same goes to the boyf and sister. And it was not spicy enough. :| Or was it just my luck that day cause my sister said usually the food wasn't like this?

After lunch and some shopping, we walked to Buckingham Palace which was nearby. Well, it was a .. mehhh for me? I don't know what's so special with it. A palace, yea, as typical tourist we took a picture in front of it and that's all. Really thats all!! We cannot enter to visit or whatever. So, I don't really see the point actually.
Buckingham Palace

Ending my post here, will be back with london part3

Thursday, February 28, 2013

London (Part1)

The fiance and I made a trip to London last year December. We actually burnt our Japan tickets (again!) just for this Europe trip. Why? Because my sister will be having her convocation somewhere this year July, and knowing that I would not have so much leaves as I will be working soon, I figure that it was really time to pay her a visit. As least have a look at her living environment and also to tour some part of Europe with her.

Our first stop was London, followed by Prague, Salzburg, Zurich, Interlaken, Rome, Florence, Milan, Paris then London again. Many people have been asking me for the itinerary, the do(s) and don't(s) and good food there. So i will just start with London first. Even for London I have to break it into different parts because I was there for quite long! 

So we took the midnight flight to London so that we will reach London early morning at London time. Pity boy cause he was working his ass off before boarding the flight, rushing home to bath, then we flew from Miri - KL then KL - London on the same day! 26 hours in total including transit time. Luckily we had access to premium lounge to bath and rest otherwise I couldn't imagine how stink we gonna be.

It was 530am London time by the time we reached. Sis actually woke up at 245am just to be in time to pick us up! So we took tube back to her place, settle down a bit, bathed, changed then went out for breakfast before making a move to the infamous borough market.

We had breakfast at starbucks which was nearby my sister place as it was raining outside. Bad luck for us! My sister said London's weather had never been that gloomy since she stayed there few years ago. :( Their bagels were really good though. And since christmas was around the corner, we had our starbucks christmas drinks!

We planned to go to The Big Ben and Tower bridge at the first place but decided to give it up to rain. So we changed to Borough market just to take a stroll instead. Borough market is an indoor market where the people sell wide range of dairy products and food. They all look so super fresh and the colors are so vibrant.

Colorful isn't it? I almost bought it but sister said I should try borough wine instead of this. Borough hot wine was only available during christmas season. It tasted well, I don't really like it but the fiance was ok with it. 

Then we took a one hour stroll around as I wanted to take some pictures also. 

sister :)

super fresh seafood!

Us. don't worry you can take picture anywhere you like here. They won't chase you away.

love this picture.

yup. so much brownies

My POI on borough market. It's a must visit if you happen to be in London. The market opens from Thurs to Saturday from 1000 to 1500 every week. It's easily accessible. Just take a underground train to Borough. :)