Monday, October 15, 2012

24th Birthday

Finally I have the mood to jot something down again. I have been staying home everyday after graduation and all I do is becoming a chauffeur, a cook, a babysitter and a baker. Okay I actually enjoy doing all these things and I do all of them voluntarily. :P I know, weirdo. 

So I celebrated my 24th birthday yesterday and earlier with parents on Friday. Last year I celebrated it in Singapore, you can read here. This year we had a really simple celebration because well i'm turning 24th (and old) and  I don't really have the urge to have any big or grand or whatever celebration you call it. 

Boyf picked me up at 7pm and we went to Best Western which was just right opposite my house haha. We could actually just walk there but I dislike sweating. I actually bought a dress to wear on that night but the bust size was too big for me. I can like put two more oranges into there so that it won't fall. Anyway, I'm selling that dress off as soon as my friend tries on it and if she can't fit in perfectly.

Okay so enough of my rubbish talk. Here's picture of us while waiting for our food. There's so much on the menu that we couldn't decide. So we agreed not to order the same thing that we savored before and to try something new. 

For starter we had cheese baked mussels which were really good. Kinda regretted we only went for 1/2 dozen instead of a dozen. 

I always loved cheese baked mussels but boyf just seemed to not liking the idea of having cheese on top of them haha but for this one, he had no say about it at all because it was really yummy.

As for starter, we had a bowl of oxtail soup each. Before it was served we were hoping that it won't be as tasteless as we had it at the same place here last night. And the cook did not disappoint us at all. Maybe because it was my birthday haha. 

As for my main course I went for "old man and the sea" with blue cheese which was a combination of king prawns, chicken, fish, and steak. I love it except the chicken because I'm not into chicken breast at all. In fact I hate it. Whenever I eat chicken I always go for drumstick/thighs/wings. No breast unless I'm left with no choice at all. So I finished everything except the chicken. 

As for the boyf, he opted for lamb rack since lamb was the only thing that was not only on my plate. His dish was way way nicer than mine. 

Then here come my birthday cake. I had coffee flavor mille crepe cake as my birthday cake this year. It was ordered online and finally a mille crepe cake after my malacca trip in August!!

And also I got my three champagne roses from the boyfriend too. Posing with it before entering the car i'm such a poser hahaha but who cares i'm so happy I have roses. 

Thanks for everything love. Appreciate it and I'm 24! :)

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