Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Very Ill-Mannered Person!

Yesterday when I was so totally engrossed in the korean series - dream high, which I must mention was a damn good series that literally took all my attention. I had quitted watching series since mid 2010 cause I figured out that once I started watching, I had a difficult time to stop myself from it. 

So dream high, a must watch. The actors, all the main actors are so so so handsome.

Back to story, when I was all alone watching this series in my room with the damn door closed, one of my very very fucked up ill-mannered housemates can just opened the door, MY ROOM'S DOOR, without even knocking, came in put something on my absent roommate's table, and walked out like no one effing business.

She was so screwed up that she did not even bother to say a HI or BYE or even look at me?! What the F is wrong with you seriously? What the hell happened to your upbringings? Did you parents not teach you all these basic manners in LIFE which even my primary school niece/nephew know about it or you are just plain ignorant?

You know I have been controlling my temper really well recently that I rarely get angry at people. But people who have no manners at all, I really hate it, from the bottom of my heart. I hate ill-mannered people so much that I feel like reaping their skins off their face. SERIOUSLY.

I'm so sick of people like this. F

Some said that I should lock my door at the first place. Hello are you out of your mind or what? Door open or close, lock or unlock, the ULTIMATE MANNER, BASIC MANNER, before entering anyone's room, 


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bali 1.0

The bf and my oversea trips together for 2011 came to a full stop in November, and we decided to do it in Bali. In the movie Eat, Pray, Love, it mentioned Eat in Italy, Pray in India, Love in Bali. We have yet to go Italy together but I believe it won't be long anyway. :P India is out of our list currenly so we chose Bali first. 

I have never set foot in Indonesia in my past 23 years. Been watching Bali in all sort of korean series, American movies and etc, beaches and temples it seems so amazingly beautiful to me especially those pre-wedding/wedding videos shot in Bali. And hence, my high expectations towards Bali. 

Beautiful beaches, attractive temples, cheap.

Oh God I was wrong for the cheap part. Bali was freaking expensive in an unbelievable way. Never though for an island one kg of crabs would cost around RM60++. Never thought one plate of suckling pig with rice for one would cost almost RM30++. 

The question that was being raised constantly by me to the bf was 


We arrived Bali around noon time, picked up by our driver, checked in into hotel and off we went touring around Bali, looking for food and deciding the first destination we should head to. We did lots of research on the food and places to go before our arrival but unfortunately the information was not up to date at all. Many restaurants or stalls as strongly suggested in the website were either being closed down or had moved.

It did turn me off a little but albeit, we managed to find a decent place to settle for our lunch. 

I ordered the Alpukat juice which was blended Alvocado with chocolate favor. It was not really refreshing in such hot weather but it does taste unique. Something which I never thought of blending together and making it a drink. Worth trying anyway for whoever is going to Bali. 

The famous Alpukat Juice 

Then as my main course I order the ringa jingu or something like that as it sounds new to me. It was so-so. It was certainly more to appetizer than main course as I feel really bloated after just taking 5 mouth of it. :/

Then we went to the GWK cultural park which I forgotten the full name. It was one of the sacred places in Bali.  

To my amusement, 90% of the Bali-nese practice Hinduism. All this while I thought they are Muslim. Definitely an open eye. 


Then we went to the Uluwatu temple which was situated on a cliff to watch the sunset and kecak dance. I can say that Uluwate is the most beautiful place for me in Bali and is a must go, but beware of the monkeys! The view was definitely breathtaking and one will be amazed how great God's creation are. The kecak dance started at 6pm and hence both of us missed part of the sunset as we were in the midst of the show. 

Uluwatu top and below. BEAUTIFUL!

I went to Bali for several nights and this post is just purely day 1. Will be back with more. :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hong Kong

Just done with my fyp presentation, major test and recuperating from gastric.
And now, gonna go for stress-release session with the gangs.
More tonight!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shen Zhen, Windows of the World

2 months ago, boyfriend and I made it to Shenzhen before we flew off to Hong Kong for our next destination. It was crap when we reached Shenzhen because it was raining. I hate to travel in rainy day. Such a mess because I got wet all over.

Anyway, we managed to get ourselves to the hotel, put our luggages and went to windows of the world without further a-do because we wanted to catch the show at night. I watched the show few years back when I was in shenzhen but I couldn't recall whether it was at windows of the world or the cultural village so we tried our luck here.

Crap, wrong choice. No luck.

So we reached there at around 3pm after our lunch. Snapped a few pictures, bought the tickets and went in. Compared to Beijing and Shanghai, the crowds in Shenzhen were like 90% lesser. Most probably because of the end of their summer holiday. Big hooray for the bf and I cause we really dislike crowds.

Windows of the world - where you can see the mini building/structures representing each country here. So, we took picture of the fake eiffel tower.

the ancient egypt

this, don know where. cause i'm not interested in fake one

japan =.=

my fake rio de janeiro

and etc etc. The bf said he does not have to bring me to other countries anymore since I had basically BEEN THERE.

Bf, you kidding me?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gloomy day 03/11

I woke up to a gloomy day this morning. Thinking of how to go to my 2pm class later as it seems like it's going to rain.

Can't skip. If I skip I will be doomed.

Been a long night for me last night. Rushed for the bloody fyp which my lecturer changed my topic 2 days before the proposal submission deadline. GREAT. Managed to finish ahead of schedule though. Problem, fyp?

Then talked to the bf as usual before I slept. I wonder when this sucky long distance relationship gonna come to an end. I definitely don't want it LDR after I graduate again.

Eff distance. Just can't wait to get over with this. I see many couples in this ldr thing. Not all survive. Some are betrayed by their partner, causing the other half to have wasted their years of youth on this guy/woman. Some break up because they cannot compromise to each other needs.

One thing I realize, the one who has to compromise with thing such as work, place to settle down, and etc very often is the female.

While the guy thinks that it is nothing wrong with the girl to compromise because well, that's the norm, have those guys ever think of those sacrifices a woman has to make just to be with you? She has to leave everything behind and follow you everywhere you go.

While sometime all the gf needs are extra care, understandings, extra attentions from you, you find it bothersome.

I can go on and on whole day. But that's not the case. Just some thoughts since I got nothing to do waiting for the rain to cease.
For those who are waiting for some good show between me and my bf, screw you, we are good. This is just some random thoughts after few friendly chats with friends.

But still, relationship is a matter of give and take. Just that who is willing to be the giver, who be the taker.


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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I woke up as early as 8am today even though my lecture suppose to be at 10am, and I slept at 3am the night before. WHY?!