Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey

I was contemplating whether to buy that set of fifty shades of trilogy displaying in front of me for quite some time. I knew it was erotic fiction novels. People been saying that reading those three books are like reading porns but the selling had been so outrageous that it actually beat Harry potter series. I pondered on that fact and after walking in and out the bookstore for 5 times or more because of my indecisive. I gave it a go.

And it was just the damn right decision I had made. It was a very good book. I was overwhelmed by the content. Christian Grey and Ana. There were just so much dilemma, agony, denial, admiration and romance between them. What can I say? The guy was hopelessly romantic but had a commitment issue while Ana was head over heels in love with him and trying so hard to deal with her fantasy boyfriend conflict.

And the phrase "laters, baby" it just sound so sweet to me. I mean, yea I never get that from my boyfriend since the first day i'm with him. I actually secretly wished that he will just mention that phrase in SMS or whatsapp one day just to make me happy but no, romance is just not his cup of tea.

Back to fifty shades of grey, I finished this book in a day! Record-breaking. I was so engrossed in it that I ignored the Internet, movies and my boyfriend even. Right now I had finished, the whole story just kept ringing in my head. I kept picturing myself standing beside them watching the whole story flow. The author was very brilliant in his writing indeed. I did not feel like just purely reading this novel, I felt like I was in the cinema watching a movie. Yes, I can picture every single scene.

I'm not aroused even though it contains numerous erotic parts in it. It was more of a melancholia to me.

Can't wait to finish fifty shades darker and freed! Highly recommend this book peeps!

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KAybE cHaNG said...

Thinking to buy the whole set that day, but since i am leaving M'sia, wont be able to carry it with me, so i gave up buying. But i heard many nice reviews about it also.