Tuesday, October 25, 2011

23rd Birthday

Hi bloggie, :)

My birthday this year was celebrated in an extraordinary way. No drinking, no alcohol, no big group of friends but in a different country, with loved and a super nice fine dining experience in Singapore best fine dining restaurant - Forlino Italian Restaurant.

I was super excited flying to Singapore on 14th morning despite the fact that I hate flying, but what made thing better was I was going to meet the bf after 3 hell of weeks in the university. Upon his arrival, we quickly went to the hotel, checked in, hunted for the infamous katung laksa (will blog about it soon) and went back hotel again to get ourselves ready for the night.


Forlino restaurant is situated at the heart of singapore, which is just right next to Fullerton hotel. Considering it is singapore's best restaurants, we had really high expectations on the food and service.

The view from Forlino was amazing. The waiters arranged us a window side seat which enabled us to overlook the fantabulous Singapore night view while enjoying our dinner. We had their degustation menu as suggested each. It was a 6 course dinner.


yours truly

As for the drinks, I had champagne myself and the boyfriend has margarita which was really niceeee! We were first served with apertura and their complimentary bread as starter. What was inside the apertura was actually super fine tuna with homemade sauce by the chef. It was really nice but too bad, such a small piece of it.

Next, for our second course, we were served with pan roasted goose liver with lambrusco wine and morello cherry which was definitely highlight of the night! Never thought goose liver could be this nice and now I understand why was it so expensive!

For our third course, we were served with black cod cappelletti with spicy broccoli and confit garlic which I never tasted something like this before. It was definitely nice and filling.

Our forth course was boston lobster with silican eggplant "caponata" which was really nice. The caponata itself was nicely made by the chef.

Our fifth course was wagyu beef check with 100% chocolate sauce and red wine sauce. This was the boyfriend most favorite I guess. I was feeling really full since the 4th course already. But oh my, how could I ever resist this?

After that, tadaaaaaaaaa :) my birthday cake with super nice decorations. AAAAWWWW. Super love the decorations on the cake and that guy beside me as well. :P

We were served with desserts as our last course together with one small piece of my birthday cake. It was superb! Our desserts consisted of small slice of my birthday cake, molten lava chocolate cake, mascarpone ice-cream and persimmon coulis!

Bf ordered this as well to go with his coffee, which I didn't really fancy.

It was a really great night with super good food. The total bill for our dinner came to SGD$420, which after conversion, lol, is quite pricey, but IT WAS WORTH IT. Looking forward to another fine dining experience in other lands again. :) :)

Thanks for the present, universal studio and everything, I'm officially 23rd!
Family and bf are always the best! :P

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lasapka said...

no wonder bb still fall sick till today after came back lolz