Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bali 1.0

The bf and my oversea trips together for 2011 came to a full stop in November, and we decided to do it in Bali. In the movie Eat, Pray, Love, it mentioned Eat in Italy, Pray in India, Love in Bali. We have yet to go Italy together but I believe it won't be long anyway. :P India is out of our list currenly so we chose Bali first. 

I have never set foot in Indonesia in my past 23 years. Been watching Bali in all sort of korean series, American movies and etc, beaches and temples it seems so amazingly beautiful to me especially those pre-wedding/wedding videos shot in Bali. And hence, my high expectations towards Bali. 

Beautiful beaches, attractive temples, cheap.

Oh God I was wrong for the cheap part. Bali was freaking expensive in an unbelievable way. Never though for an island one kg of crabs would cost around RM60++. Never thought one plate of suckling pig with rice for one would cost almost RM30++. 

The question that was being raised constantly by me to the bf was 


We arrived Bali around noon time, picked up by our driver, checked in into hotel and off we went touring around Bali, looking for food and deciding the first destination we should head to. We did lots of research on the food and places to go before our arrival but unfortunately the information was not up to date at all. Many restaurants or stalls as strongly suggested in the website were either being closed down or had moved.

It did turn me off a little but albeit, we managed to find a decent place to settle for our lunch. 

I ordered the Alpukat juice which was blended Alvocado with chocolate favor. It was not really refreshing in such hot weather but it does taste unique. Something which I never thought of blending together and making it a drink. Worth trying anyway for whoever is going to Bali. 

The famous Alpukat Juice 

Then as my main course I order the ringa jingu or something like that as it sounds new to me. It was so-so. It was certainly more to appetizer than main course as I feel really bloated after just taking 5 mouth of it. :/

Then we went to the GWK cultural park which I forgotten the full name. It was one of the sacred places in Bali.  

To my amusement, 90% of the Bali-nese practice Hinduism. All this while I thought they are Muslim. Definitely an open eye. 


Then we went to the Uluwatu temple which was situated on a cliff to watch the sunset and kecak dance. I can say that Uluwate is the most beautiful place for me in Bali and is a must go, but beware of the monkeys! The view was definitely breathtaking and one will be amazed how great God's creation are. The kecak dance started at 6pm and hence both of us missed part of the sunset as we were in the midst of the show. 

Uluwatu top and below. BEAUTIFUL!

I went to Bali for several nights and this post is just purely day 1. Will be back with more. :)

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