Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gloomy day 03/11

I woke up to a gloomy day this morning. Thinking of how to go to my 2pm class later as it seems like it's going to rain.

Can't skip. If I skip I will be doomed.

Been a long night for me last night. Rushed for the bloody fyp which my lecturer changed my topic 2 days before the proposal submission deadline. GREAT. Managed to finish ahead of schedule though. Problem, fyp?

Then talked to the bf as usual before I slept. I wonder when this sucky long distance relationship gonna come to an end. I definitely don't want it LDR after I graduate again.

Eff distance. Just can't wait to get over with this. I see many couples in this ldr thing. Not all survive. Some are betrayed by their partner, causing the other half to have wasted their years of youth on this guy/woman. Some break up because they cannot compromise to each other needs.

One thing I realize, the one who has to compromise with thing such as work, place to settle down, and etc very often is the female.

While the guy thinks that it is nothing wrong with the girl to compromise because well, that's the norm, have those guys ever think of those sacrifices a woman has to make just to be with you? She has to leave everything behind and follow you everywhere you go.

While sometime all the gf needs are extra care, understandings, extra attentions from you, you find it bothersome.

I can go on and on whole day. But that's not the case. Just some thoughts since I got nothing to do waiting for the rain to cease.
For those who are waiting for some good show between me and my bf, screw you, we are good. This is just some random thoughts after few friendly chats with friends.

But still, relationship is a matter of give and take. Just that who is willing to be the giver, who be the taker.


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