Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Very Ill-Mannered Person!

Yesterday when I was so totally engrossed in the korean series - dream high, which I must mention was a damn good series that literally took all my attention. I had quitted watching series since mid 2010 cause I figured out that once I started watching, I had a difficult time to stop myself from it. 

So dream high, a must watch. The actors, all the main actors are so so so handsome.

Back to story, when I was all alone watching this series in my room with the damn door closed, one of my very very fucked up ill-mannered housemates can just opened the door, MY ROOM'S DOOR, without even knocking, came in put something on my absent roommate's table, and walked out like no one effing business.

She was so screwed up that she did not even bother to say a HI or BYE or even look at me?! What the F is wrong with you seriously? What the hell happened to your upbringings? Did you parents not teach you all these basic manners in LIFE which even my primary school niece/nephew know about it or you are just plain ignorant?

You know I have been controlling my temper really well recently that I rarely get angry at people. But people who have no manners at all, I really hate it, from the bottom of my heart. I hate ill-mannered people so much that I feel like reaping their skins off their face. SERIOUSLY.

I'm so sick of people like this. F

Some said that I should lock my door at the first place. Hello are you out of your mind or what? Door open or close, lock or unlock, the ULTIMATE MANNER, BASIC MANNER, before entering anyone's room, 


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