Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I had been slacking a lot since I came back from KL last week, sending my sister off to London. Thanks to education! My siblings and I are being separated into 3 different continents in this world! While goodbye was always hard, we did enjoy ourselves in KL with all the good food, CROWDS and those no discount/sales shopping!

harrlllloooo :P

I have been flying to and fro KL this year so many times that I lost count. I have no problems with flying but what pissed me off every single time was those annoying kids who cried non-stop in the flight or aunties who talked like no tomorrow? Hello. I understand that kids were out of control but tony or whoever it is, you guys are so smart, why not a baby section in the flight?! And aunties, oh well.. what can I say. :S

Other than flying/traveling/whatever, most of the time I would be babysitting my aunt's precious daughter at home. She is sooooooooo adorable that I can just look and carry her whole day despite her current weighs now. And often, I get those maternity kicks into me even though I'm merely 22 years old. Why oh why do I love baby that much? All thanks to this cute little angel.

aaawww the adorable angel <3


And the best friend who is finally back from Kuching. One thing I learnt about friendship is friends come and go, only real one stay.

Those who go, I wish you all the worst for being a goner. And yea, I'm this mean.

btw, hello nv ren hehe.

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