Thursday, September 8, 2011


Last year, I went to Pangkor Island with a few close friends of mine before we all parted for the 9 months internship training.

In terms of companies, it was amazing. Cost wise, it was super cheap as I only spent RM100 for the whole Pangkor trip inclusive of transportation, accomodation, water activities and food.

However speaking of the island itself, oh gosh, please don't go there if you have any other option. The beach there, was so super dirty that basically you are soaked in the polluted, coffee-alike color water for hours just for the sake of water activities, which were ridiculously lame and dull as well. Sorry for all those who stay in Pangkor island but no offence, it's the truth.

There weren't any/very little caucasians when we were there. We went from one beach to another by foot and it was burning hot that time. I did not mind walking under the scorching hot sun for another beach but please let me feel the sunburnt and the walking is worthy at least? I felt being sunburnt unnecessary anyway. Am I complaining too much? No. Cause I'm seriously effing sick of bloggers who did not pen down the truth and kept saying every single shit nice. Enough of those nonsense.

Like what I said, companies wise was great. My friend who was residing in Pangkor managed to book us an apartment at a relatively cheap cost and hence the RM100 spent only. Spent the night drinking like mad which I swore to myself to quit drinking like a stupid biatch after that.

The hangover was just an excruciating pain in my ass. It was like someone been using a hammer to knock on my head zillion times. Oh crap!

the gang that I went with

So, I'm not gonna write down/intro any apartment there or how you should even get there because


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