Monday, September 12, 2011


This is such an outdated post on my first ever Kuching trip with the sole purpose of meeting the bf family which he planned to surprise his family as well. Mannnn first time being introduced to the bf family, butterflies in stomach. :S God knows for how long I stood outside the gate with him and almost chickened out of going in because I was so nervous.

I flew alone to Kuching on that day. Bf was back few days earlier since he was having his off days.

Upon my arrival to Kuching, he quickly brought me to savor one of the best "cha kueh" in town which turned out to be really good be it the taste, the spiciness or simply because of my hunger. Kuching was not like Miri. When I was there, the road was so congested that a 5 minute driving distance journey could turn out to be near to an hour. Crappp! =.="

Speaking here, I do not understand why KL people so damn proud of their traffic jam in the city as if other cities do not experience jam like that. Annoying.

Back to topic, so this was the cha kueh which we had as brunch. ;)


Since I was in Kuching, I did not miss the chance to try out their infamous kuching laksa as well. Too bad the most famous stall selling it was close that day. The laksa, which I must admit, was really good, anytime better than Miri overpriced Mdm Wee laksa.


Other than food, of course we went dating/shopping/movie or whatever as well. :P

Harloooo :3

I seized the chance to try out the belacan meehoon and abc one Sunday as well. I did not quite like the belacan meehoon for no reason. The taste was some sort of acquired taste which was just not my taste anyway. As for the abc, was not really a big fan of kuching abc though. Maybe because we went to the wrong place for the wrong things.

The fried yam, sweet potato and shrimps cake was really cheap in kuching selling at 60cent to 80 cent for one piece.

And my most favorite throughout this kuching trip would definitely be their kueh chap!!! Must try k anywhere in kuching because I forgottten where I had this in Kuching already haha.

p.s: I'm so distracted by Mayday songs currently. Keeps singing along.

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