Monday, April 30, 2012

And so april comes and goes, but my insomnia remains fml.

As time goes by, I'm slowing wrapping up my university life, though another 4 months to leaving this lousy place. I'm really excited with no tinge of reluctancy. One thing I'm sure of: I will not bloody miss this place, except for some really great friends I have met along the way.

Have been giving a lot of thoughts on my future lately. All I can conclude is I do not want to be in the engineering field for long. I've longed to run a coffee house myself, where its serve really aromatic coffee/latte/frappucino all day long and together with delicious cakes/cupcakes/toast/waffles/pancakes/pastries/scones. The coffee house will be three storeys with three  different themes for each floor: modern, vintage, the french style. Omggggg dreams but I will make it come true one day, hopefully not too long away but soon.

I'm not those type of person who can do the same thing for long, what's more with things which I have almost no passion in it. I love photography, but I do not have time for it because of my studies and other commitments for example, relationship. I love traveling but I find it difficult to find a partner to travel with except for the bf. What more it's tied to his working schedule. Speaking here, I think we are going to burn our Japan tickets. Damn work.

So, when I graduated, I really really want to do something which I have passion in, something which I love, something which I will be looking forward to waking up doing it every morning. For now, what I'm sure of is, engineering is not my cup of tea.

Maybe it can be a good start of savings but I won't be involved in it for long. 

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