Monday, February 13, 2012


Time flies.

Valentine 2011

This is no longer our first valentine, but the second. What's different from the previous year was that we will not be celebrating it together as we are a sea apart. Having a second thought, not only the distance is different, but the heart as well - Hearts grow fonder for each other. :)

In a blink of eyes, the boyfriend and I have been together for a year and counting. In this one year, he has been my best listener, best talk crap partner, best person to ever show my ugliest side, best person to laugh together with, best partner in-crime to eat kolo mee at 12 midnight, best companion for a late night movie, best person to travel together with and etc etc.

Unlike the fairy tales, our love story is very simple but extraordinary. I bumped into him in Shell, Miri, where I was placed for 8 months industrial training. I must say he did not catch my eye right away, I wont deny this. But when he did, I swear I couldn't look away. Like all other couples did, we went out for dates, to the bar, to lunch, to the beach, to movie together before we are official and I felt completely comfortable being with him.

You know you are comfortable with your date, when even if both of you are completely silent in the car, you still feel comfortable with it, no awkward moment. We do not really share common interest other than traveling. He loves car, I love fashion. He loves action/horror movie, I love animation/comedy/romance. He is not into sweet stuff, while I have a sweet tooth. But because of these difference, we have more to talk about, to share and to argue over it.

My boyfriend is not a romantic kind of guy as well. He does not know how to act romantic in fact. And he can be very stubborn.

He is quite insensible towards my temper too. There was once I was a little upset over him for the whole day but he did not know about it at all and when I told him I was upset, he threw back "Oh is it?" at me, which just made me speechless and felt silly for being upset at him the whole day when he did not know about that at all.

But I can't expect my boyfriend to be perfect because I myself is not a flawless person as well. A beautiful relationship is where I can see his perfection out of imperfections, and be able to compromise each other characteristics and interests. 

In 2011, we had been through a lot which is impossible for me to summary in just an entry. The bf has brought me into his kind of world while I bring him into my kind of lifestyle. Because of him, I start to love eating to the max. Because of me, he starts to love photographing to bits. Because of him, I travel to numerous places in just a year. Because of me, he is being forced to have his hair cut short. I can go on and on with this the whole day and never get tired of it.

But one of the breakthrough that I did in 2011 due to this relationship would be composing a song for him out of nothing. I know nothing about music, nothing about notes, and not good in writing lyrics. With the help from a friend, I managed to come out with a 3.30minutes song for him as an anniversary gift. I saw him teared while listening to the song and I swear that's the best moment ever, because I know the sincerity and hard work paid!

Despite his not romantic characteristic, he would always bring me on for a trip. To island hopping and snorkeling, to experience cultures, to enjoy varsity of food from different countries. 2 pairs of eyes, 2 hearts but we are always seeing the same sky. 

"If I don't bring you I can never describe how wonderful a place or how nice the food is, so better you come and experience it together with me."

So there we went, places after places, cultures after cultures. Traveling together has always been something we really enjoy together the most. 

This year due to clashing schedule and very tight timetable, we are unable to celebrate our 2nd Valentine's day together. He told me it is ok, because we can still celebrate it next year, next next year, and every year since we will be growing old together. Albeit, we had our early Valentine Japanese lunch in Brunei and he said he will bring me somewhere else for nicer food when we meet in March, to create our own Valentine.


And so to the boyfriend,

There will never be a quote, 
that explains how much you mean to me.
Never a song,
that truly hits the spot.
Not enough words, 
to tell you how I feel.
And not enough time, never enough time, 
to show you how long I want to be with you.

Happy Valentine's Day. 

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