Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hong Kong 3.0: Best Roasted Goose and Pigeon

The thought of boyfriend going to bring me to HK for food and shopping again soon makes me get all excited and all of sudden, missing the gorgeous food over there. As many of you may know, despite the fear of weight-gain (and I gained already), I can never miss having nice food particularly when I'm traveling around.

Other than hawker food, we also hunt for those restaurants with different awards in the region because of the quality assurance. This time round hong kong food hunt, I would like to introduce a superb and award winning restaurant in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Sheung Wan has always been the high end area of hong kong and hence we had really high expectations towards the restaurant there - Yung Kee Restaurant 墉记。

In term of direction, I sucks in that. I do not exactly know how to study the map. And hence I misled the boyfriend for almost an hour WALKING! The fact was I missed reading the map by a station distance and hence so much of walking. 

But it was totally worth the walk. I was stumbled across the award this restaurant won at the entrance while waiting to be seated. It was a 3-storey 5 class restaurants and we were seated at the highest floor. And we were the only Asians in that freaking floor, surrounded by 100% caucasians or foreigners from other continents except Asia. Both of us were like o.0, wow?!

Flipping through the menu were different dishes with their own award-winning title throughout the years and recommendations from the chef. And if I was not mistaken, the owner of this restaurant started his career selling hawker food and became famous of his roasted pigeon/goose which he then made big earnings from his fame and opened this restaurant. Sound a bit ridiculous but seems to be true. 

Since there was the 2 of us only, we decided to go for 3 dishes - the roasted goose, roasted pigeon with its specialty sauce and beef brisket noodles. And thinking that we can still go for supper if it was not enough. But it turned out that the portion was HUGE which in the end we did not finish the beef brisket noodle. :S Feeling sorry to have it wasted.

The roasted pigeons

The roasted pigeon was the last to serve among these 3 dishes. It looks like roasted chicken to us anyway but no, it was pigeon. The texture of the meat was totally different from chickens. Not to say juicy but it was very tender and went perfect with the special sauce prepared by the chef himself. Due to the fact that roasted goose served before this, this dish seems to be overshadowed by roasted goose in terms of taste. 

The beef brisket noodle

Of which the boyfriend asked me why order this when we were in a restaurant. =___= Thinking back, I do not know as well. Maybe I just love beef as much as he loves pork. But ordering this was not a mistake anyway, it was super nice!! The waiter even cut the noodle for me seeing that it's quite difficult for us to split it into two bowls. 

roasted goose

This is our most favorite of all in hong kong! It was the best best best food so far I have tasted in hong kong. Totally worth the price! It's not too fat nor too lean, but just nice. The sauce was kind of sweet with a little bit of sourness in it. All in all, this dish was perfect. 

And our 3-dishes dining comes to a total of almost HKD500 including service tax and tidbits. What I must emphasize here is yung kee restaurant charges extraordinary high in service tax and the food are slightly pricey since it is an award winning restaurant. But like what I said, it was worth it.

Address: 香港岛中环威灵顿街32-40号镛记大厦(兰桂坊旁)   Tel:00852-25221624

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