Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I went back home on the 10th this year to prepare for CNY way bit earlier compared to the others. But everything ended up last minute. I was so confident on my wardrobe that whenever people asked me about my cny clothes, I always answer them I have more than enough, that I can wear till chap goh mei (15th day of cny), since I have been shopping non stop throughout the year, buying lots of clothes from whenever I went traveling.


I have totally forgotten that I wore some of my new clothes in Kuching, for certain occasions and etc, which left me all the super casual wears like disney t-shirt?! or those basics tee like fcuk, banana republic or the plain white or plain black tee?!?!! The F. Worst part was cny was on Monday and I realized such thing on the Friday before it itself.

It was too late for me to go to the shopping malls so last minute and needless to say, to hunt for nice clothes. So, my only available option at that moment was online shopping, which at the same time, I was worried if the postage can arrive on time or not as well.  -_____-  

Not like I have any other way to get clothes, so I just risk whatever shit I got with me. And kept pestering the owner of the boutique to send the parcel immediately so that I can receive it the next day. She was really efficient. 

Presenting to you the last minute purchase and my wear on the first day: 

It turned out fine. My mum likes it, my bf loves it and I adore the cuttings of the dress itself. Seems like last minute shopping was not that bad of an idea anyway. So on the first day of cny, the parents held an open house at home since it had been the tradition for years. And even though my friends were not as much as compared to my parents', I always turn out to be the busiest (I think). Serving drinks, doing the washings, refilling drinks and etc etc. The fact that my sister is not in Msia and my brother busy with his own visiting plans, I have to do the work of 3. 

Even so, I was very happy on that day itself. I got to gather with my friends, family, relatives and it was my sweetheart first cny! :D

On the second day of cny, I decided to wear my purchase from HK. 

On the third day:

The forth:

I was lazy to take picture of myself after that. I was busy with pokerssss and more pokersss, gathering and more gatheringssss, food and more fooddd, rounder and even rounderrrr!! F!! 

Also, I had some mild irritation on the face on the 2nd day of cny onwards due to I don know why, most probably the foundation that I applied on my face did not suit me at all. Proven that I'm really NOT suitable for make up or anything. -___- Seriously that irritation on the face irked me like hell and thank God it is completely healed now. I was scare shit of breakouts. 

Anyway, CNY this year had been pretty good for me. The bf came back earlier as well to accompany me because initially my plan was to go back on the 1st of feb, but who knows I changed my ticket to even later. ;P

This is late but happy cny everyone!

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