Saturday, January 21, 2012

Bali 3.0

One thing I learnt about blogging is there shouldn't be any procrastination. I went to so many beautiful places in Bali, but now looking back at the pictures, I sort of forgot the name of some of the places. What a waste of the tickets and everything. 

After having our super filling and fattening suckling pig as brunch the other day, we headed straight to one of the many rice paddy fields in Bali, which at the first place when I heard about visiting such place, I was so uninterested and reluctant to go. Rice paddy field. =.= But the bf was those kind of person who won't want to miss any single place when traveling. 

So we went, under the super hot weather. 

Luckily the bf forced me to go! I was actually kind of in love with the greenery view. I felt serene being there despite the scorching hot sun. The way the farmers organize their lands for agriculture purpose definitely put me in awe. 

I always thought Bali was ALL ABOUT BEACHES. Such a wrong perception from movies and series. So Bali was definitely an open eye to me - I never expect to visit paddy field, temples and etc. And their cultures and languages were so different than what I always thought. 

Due to foreigners flooding into Bali, everything in Bali was so expensive. 

I wanted to buy the coconut here but it was so freaking expensive. RM10 for one coconut. Why not they just robbed me straight instead? Whyyyyy? 

And like what I said, Bali has always been different in cultures. I could never see a lady carrying things on her head or hundred of places selling craftings like below.

We also visited the sacred bath place in Bali which the indonesian believes that bathing in the sacred place will ensure good health, wash away the sickness and one way of receiving abundance blessings from their God. The bf thought of trying but since we did not bring extra clothes, we just shrugged off the idea of doing so. 

As a matter of hygiene, since everyone is dipping in the same pool, I wonder if it is really safe doing so. They even drink the water straight from the pool . 0.o 

So this make my Bali 3.0

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