Monday, January 2, 2012

Sweetness Overdose

p.s: please pardon all pictures quality. Taken using hp

In fact, I just touched down in KL yesterday night after my super duper short 1 week break in Kuching. Days seems like hours in Kuching but now since I'm back to the university, hours seems like days. Anyway, just another 9 days that I have to bear, take the final exams and I can go back to Miri and get all ready for CNY!

And this afternoon, I changed my flight again, which means a longer break in Miri :D

Back to December. December had been really good and lovable to me. It was Christmas eve when I arrived Kuching and we settled the eve dinner at Pullman Puzzle for buffet dinner. 

It was our first time celebrating the Christmas as couple. Could still vividly remember the 2010 Christmas was also spent with him, Louis and some other friends in Cherrie Berries Miri. How time flies and brought us to what we are now! 

The buffet dinner itself was so-so, not a wow factor for the both of us and we agreed that Park City Buffet was still one of the best. The whole restaurant was super packed and luckily we reserved a table for two like a month ago. (so kia-su right? :P) 

The next day, attended Calvin and Emm's wedding at the Banquet. It was a beautiful and warm greetings and best part was I get to catch up with my friendssss. :D 

Please ignore that guy at the back, such a spoiler. :P

The girls

and the newly wedded.

And it was my first time ever to actually see such a special bride's car. Ferrari 430 as the bride's car. How else special could it be. My bf and the guys got so hyped over it, over the engine and etc etc which I don't understand at all. All I knew was it was a yellow color ferrari. Typical girl me. 

And I really love it!

Other than that, the bf and I celebrated our anniversary in Hilton Steakhouse on the 27th as well! And I finally wore one of my favorite dresses which turn out to be quite big for me. :S

So much of loves. Hilton steakhouse served really nice steaks even though the whole menu had only 2 pages. No wonder the name - steakhouse. Just steaks and only steaks. Caught Sherlock Holmes 2 in the cinema after that, simple celebration. :) And many people had been asking me his anni gift. 

With steven's help, I actually composed a song for him. Took me so much of courages to play that video to him because it was my first time doing such thing. And he loves it. Luckily. :P

Other than all those celebrations and stuffs, we dated casually as well. Our utmost favorite activity would be hunting for supper in kuching. I pretty much love kuching hawker's food especially their cha kueh and teh-c-peng and also ice lemon tea! These 3 are my favorites in kuching. We had supper every single night in Kuching!

And that's the reason of our weight gain in this 1 week. I gained at least, at least 2kgs! And my pants are so tight now, which make me feel like throwing away all the pants and just wear dresses. Hrmph.

Took pictures of some of the food that I savored in kuching. Was so lazy to bring the camera out, even my bag because it kept raining raining and raining non stop.

My favorite kolo mee, yummy. 

The infamous kuching sio bee

and my favorite cha kueh!

On the 31st december which was the NYE, bf and I went to starbucks to chill then sidewalk restaurant to have some western. Plan to hit the club but then can't find enough partners in crime. :/ So I spent my countdown at Bing! Cafe with the bf and Richard before we moved on to 101 for supper. 

Even so, I was happy enough just by thinking that I will be graduating in 9 months time. :D

I was so reluctant to leave kuching on the last day itself thinking about my uni, my small room, my small bed, the dirty and oily cafe, and everything. :'(

But now since I'm back, I will just have to bear with it and kick final exams ass before going off for my CNY breaks. Exams? Bring it on!! 


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