Friday, December 23, 2011

Recap of 2011 :)

Ahhhhh Thank you God my exams, final year project and etc burdening stuffs finished just on time before Christmas, which I can definitely allow myself a deserving self-declared Christmas and New Year break like some of the friends do. 

So before flying off to my christmas break, just in time for me to write an entry recapping the eventful 2011 and my 2012 resolutions!

With God's abundance blessings on me and the family, 2011 had been a really great year because everyone in the family has been doing good. Parents are healthy and happy, sister is adapting to London lifestyle, brother to Melbourne's, me to Shell and then back to uni, and my aunt blessed with a baby girl! I'm going to summarize my 2011 in numerically, from the early 2011 to the later:

1. Internship in Shell Miri

I had my internship training in Shell's Wells Department where I was given the opportunities for various trainings, attending courses for different certificates (extra credits to the resume!), meeting people from different companies and fields, traveled to Brunei quite frequently for data collection (which I dislikes), training & workshop in Labuan, BOSIET training/sea survival training, onshore and offshore experience. 

For that 8 months, not only I enjoyed and learnt a lot from the internship, but the fact that I met a lot of people and expanded the social network did delight me as well. Did I forget to mention I met my Mr. Right in Shell during my internship as well? LOL

2. Visited bf's family in Kuching for the first ever time

This is nothing new for most of the people actually but it was my first time meeting boyfriend's family, the first time I actually followed someone back to his house and being introduced as the girlfriend. Man thinking back, still can remember how nervous I was that time. 

3. Celebrated CNY without my sister ( >:( )

Even though my 2011 CNY was great, but the fact that my sister was not around the house cause she is pursuing medicine in London added a tinge of sadness to me during that time as well. My sister and I are really close that we can sleep together, do craps together and etc etc. So imagine my CNY without her and I have to bear with this for another 2 years. :(

4. Islands Hopping in KK

I have always love beaches, islands and water activities! Island hopping had always been in on of my to-do list and I did it with the boyfriend when we went KK together! We conquered Sapi, Manukan and Mamutik Island in KK. (:

5. Celebrated his birthday together for the first time

Haha, I still remember this vividly. Only my mum and I knew how much time I spent planning for his birthday. From the decoration to the gift to the surprise, did it with all my heart. Glad that he loved it and it was our first time celebrating birthday together since we were just together not long that time. 

6. Expanding the social circle

Been hanging out a lot with my friends throughout the year as well. Movie, sing k, shopping, tea, and many more. It did not sound like an achievement in 2011 but for me it is. I have always wanted to become closer to my friends! 

And I made a lot of new and great friends too! :D

7. Autumn- Winter Vacation in Perth

The bf and I also took some time off and went on a relaxing vacation in Perth - a very very laid back country, really comfortable. We went there for 1 week or more and spent some quality time there. It was approaching winter that time, really love the weather there. Also, for the first time ever, I experienced my first farm stay at Margaret's River, Perth, where in the middle of the night, I could hear the sound of ponies, kangaroos and some other animals which I don't know. 

8. God blessed our big family with Angel!!

On 13rd of July, my aunt gave birth to a baby girl - Angel Lau! Such a great blessings and all of us are so so so thankful to have her around. She brings so much happiness and laughters to the family. My cutie pie.

9. Completed my internship in July

I bidded goodbye to Shell in July and fulfilled my internship requirements by UTP. 

10. A food trip to Muar, Penang, Malacca with besties

Went on a 8 days eating trip with my close friends in uni right after internship around Penang, Malacca and Muar. Tasted the infamous penang fried kuey tiaw, loh mee, prawn mee, assam laksa, durian puffs, satay celup, nyonya food ... ... ... ...  and many more. Great memoriessssss and road trips!

11. Conquered Beijing in early August

The bf and I went to Beijing during the summer season in August. It was unbelievable hot but still, proud to say that we conquered Beijing! It was my second visit to Beijing and since my last visit like 4-5 years ago, Beijing really did change tremendously. 

12. Conquered Shanghai in mid August

Visiting Beijing alone wasn't enough for us. Hence, Shanghai during mid August. Managed to visited Hangzhou and Suzhou as well. It was scorching hot and I got tanned. What I missed in Shanghai the most would probably be the food! 

13. Conquered Hong Kong in September

Hong Kong topped all the places we visited in 2011 I would say. I love the food there to the max especially their roasted goose and dim sum. And the shopping? Truly a shopping heaven not to be missed!

14. Conquered Macau and the casinos there! :P

We went to Macau and tasted the famous Macau eggtarts, beef briskets and visited majority of the historical places. And we visited almost all the casinos in Macau as well. :P

15. Shenzhen in September

Our only regrets would probably be catching the wrong show/performance in Shenzhen's windows of the world. T.T But shenzhen was kinda boring, so don't think I will go back for the third time anymore considering I been there twice already.

16. Back to uni in late Sept

Uni started on 25th of September and on the first week itself, we rocked our final year student life with a drinking and bonding session at euro house. Hanged out with Wai Boon for the first time ever as well. :D The second week, we went to KL Zouk for clubbing session and despite all the funs we had, I LOST MY PHONE THERE CRAP. 

So, for the first time ever in my life, I lost my phone, a freaking iphone4 and lost it in a club and it happened in 2011! :(

17. Celebrated my 23rd birthday in Singapore

The bf and I flew to Singapore to celebrate my 23rd birthday in October! :D Super happy that time. We dined at the best fine dining restaurant in Singapore - Forlino Italino and went to Universal Studio the next day. Best birthday I ever had. :)))

18. Conquered Bali in November

The bf and I went to Bali for a short holiday in November. Bali was an open eye to different cultures to me and it was beautiful. However, everything in Bali is super expensive!! 

19. Will be celebrating Christmas and new year with the bf together differently 
Which I will blog about this separately after the celebration itself.

To sum it up, my 2011 had been full of traveling here and there with the bf. :) Also been able to spend quality time with family back home all thank to having internship in the hometown. No regrets for my 2011 at all. Thank you God for everything that happened as I believe things happened in your ways, with your reasons and I have no questions towards it. 

As for my 2012 resolutions, I wish that:
  1. The family will be in great health, amen
  2. Graduate successfully in September 2012
  3. To be able to visit my sister in London end of the year
  4. To not skip Sunday services
  5. Spend wiser, think wiser, be more grateful and forgiving
  6. Consume less junks like ice-cream, chips ... (LOL?)

That's all! :) A Merry X'mas and Happy New Year in advanced to all of you. 


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