Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finally A Break!

Finally a break off from studies and exams. Done with final year 1st semester which also implies that I'm one step closer to graduation. :D In my next coming 8 months, I just have to take another 4 major exams and then I will be done with my university and my study life.

Now that I'm back in Miri, I'm suppose to write and post more entries here. Then again, I'm a little bit off the mood now since I'm quite busy with my sweetheart angel, family and bf. And I will be flying off to KL tomorrow for the weekends with the family and bf for CNY shopping and to attend my cousin, Violet's wedding. 

We will be staying at Boulevard's Hotel for 2 nights and definitely anticipate good food and fruitful shopping throughout the weekends. Oh, time to check what movies to catch as well. 

Will be back next week. :) xx

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