Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Uni 3.0

Took me such a long time to blog about uni. :/ My university life has been all this while different from my brother's and sister's. My brother is studying in Melbourne, sister in London, while me? In Perak Shit Hole. But I have no blames. 

It was my choice at the first place to accept the scholarship.

But I clearly remember when I googled UTP before coming here, it mentioned that it is an engineering school, not a religion school. Why the phrase? Because i'm so sick shit of listening to certain group of people or whoever preaching about their religion nobility all day long. I'm not being irrespecutful or trying to stir anything up. I just don't understand why can't you guys just practice your own religions quietly without interfering with other people. 

You don't come and tell me what and what not to do. Just mind your own business. So freaking sick of all these shit. Even if it doesn't happen on me, by just listening to it I feel damn sick already. 

A random shot taken as early as 7am in the university

Putting all else aside, I have been trying hard to make my university life as interesting as I can. Been hanging out with the guys to Ipoh for dim sum, k session, movie, shopping or just for the sake of food quite frequent this semester. 

One thing I'm grateful of is my drilling lecturer whom also happened to be my fyp supervisor. He is really a nice and knowledgable guy and finally there is one lecturer in my university whom I really like. :) Previously I don't even bother who's going to teach me or what, but this guy he is really patient and passionate in teaching our class. 

Then also when I was attending a short course last week, my lecturer insisted me to chat with the course instructor wife who can't speak English. Pfffftt. The husband had to practically translate all our conversations and become our translator. Funny. Anyway, one thing that I should mention here was my instructor was 33 years old while his wife, only 18. :O

And she was really pretty.

Food wise, I had quit eating cafe food, again due to the fact that I had diarrhea or stomachache almost every time after that and they charged us student at very unreasonable price, serving vege soaked in oil, needless to say about the chickens. So, I had been eating real lots of dairy products nowadays and it was wayyyyyyy 10000 times wayyyyy better than cafe food.

My most favorite and the perfect combination would be: super cold low fat milk with kokocrunch as breakfast; bread with tuna and cheese + half boiled eggs + crackers & jams + grape as dinner.

Though it could be fattening at times since I do not exercise in UTP but who cares. Super love these two combinations. 

Back to work now. Can't wait for Christmas to come. 

Though I may not be celebrating it in a Church, but I will never forget the real meaning behind it. A mighty savior was born because He loves us and died for us on a cross for our sins. <3

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