Monday, December 12, 2011

Bali 2.0

I'm actually very blardy busy all thanks to my final year project which is such a !$^@^$%^Q#@ pain in my ass! Decided to take a break off it for a while and suppressing my urge to curse my final year. On the bright side, accomplishing fyp means i'm one step towards graduation, even though it is 9 months away. 

:S God knows how much how desperate I want to leave this shit place. 

Continue with Bali 2.0, it will be all about one of the must-trys in Bali as advised by trip advisor - Babi guling also known as suckling pig. Which means piglet being roasted and serve to you on table with their special sauce. Reading so much about suckling pig from the internet, I had so much expectations towards it especially how people exaggerated how nice how extremely delicious the suckling pigs in Bali served in Ibu Oka Warung are. 

Ibu Oka Warung Suckling Pig was so famous that they have branches all over the places in Ubud, Bali. Being a pig pork lovers, the bf of course insisted the driver to bring us there despite the jam in town. Omg one thing I must about is the traffic in Bali, really OMG, I will go insane if I'm to stay there for long. 

We reached Ibu Oka Warung at around 1030a.m. I expected to see people queueing up for it like how people queue for nice food in China, Hong Kong, Perth and etc but to my "dismay", we were the first customers. The whole shop, minus out the workers, was empty. Were we too early or what? 


The driver stopped us at the road side and showed us the direction to walk to the restaurant as there's no way the car can drive in such a congested path. The Ibu Oka Warung branch we went was right beside some sort of jungle and hence the mosquitoes.. =__=

I super duper hate mosquitoes.

So, since it was a shop that sells pork, everything there, the design had something to do with pigs, even the basins. Pardon me it was my first time seeing such thing. :P So NOT adorable at all. It was like our own shop that we just left our bags on the seats and walked around snapping pictures and did a wee bit of exploring to the kitchen to see how they roast the pigs but unfortunately, no. :( They roasted the pigs elsewhere, brought to the shop and sold there.

In just 10 minutes, there came our food. It was like pork rice to me. Ibu Oka did roast their suckling pigs to their own specialities and their sauce just went perfectly well with the rice. It was worth the 1 hour drive in search for suckling pigs in Ubud. I gave it a 8/10 as the plate of suckling pigs actually made me super duper fat and full after that. I had mine at RP20,000. 

The bf opted for no rice but more porks and pork skins instead. Price around RP27,000. Serve him right when he told me he felt so bloated with porks half way eating. (Troll face). We were so full that we even skip whatever snacks that we planned to have initially. :S He gave his a 9/10 ratings with a "nothing special" comment. He just loves porks. 

My bf told me that kenny sia rated Bali as his #1 trip in 2011 and USA as #2. Well Kenny Sia, are you for real?

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yu han said...

we went for the pork twice =D hahaha..