Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The ME Time! :D

I FINALLY have the time to sit back and relax, cooking a decent meal for the housemates and doing anything I like: nail polishing, playing with hair, staring at the wardrobe and etc etc after a really hectic week! I'm done with FYP 1 at least and 2 tests! 

All left for me to do now is to pack my stuffs and start counting down to my Christmas holiday. It's going to be a really eventful week. Have a guess why. :P So super duper excited but wait, there is one more thing for me to finish up: (secret!). Will announce in facebook soon if it is successful! 

Omg omg omg omg sooooo happy now! :D

The other day right after I played my hair with the hair band below, the flower came off from the band. Such a turn off! There gone my $$ of purchasing this cause I barely wear it T.T Like this so much and I have no idea how to fix it back. 

Anyway, will be back tomorrow. Time for some other things at the moment. =)

missing the matcha green tea ice cream currently. :/

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