Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hong Kong 2.0

The bf and I had covered 12 places/2 continents in 2010 all in all. And we came to the conclusion that Hong Kong definitely served the best food be it fast food, franchisee, local delicacies, snacks and etc. Hong Kong would never be completed without tasting their dim sum. This was my second time visiting Hong Kong, and their dim sum has definitely improved much since 2004. 6 years gap, the quality did not deteriorate at all. 

After doing much research, we decided to give 添好运点心专卖店. Tourists from various continents been giving almost full rating out of 5 on this shop. So, waking up as early as 9am, (do bear in mind that almost all the shops in HK open at 10am or after 10am only), went to the nearest outlet of 添好运 based on the place we stayed, we still had to queue for 1.5 hours for seats. 

With people queueing up way earlier than us already, we knew that we did not make the wrong choice choosing this dim sum restaurant. The chef himself was a former 4 season chef, specializing in dim sum, where he decided to quit 4 season hotel and started running a restaurant himself. Within 1 or 2 years, he has opened at least 3 branches in Hong Kong. 

The choices of dim sum offered weren't that much. But, they were all really FANTASTIC. From the look to the taste, the bf and I gave 11/10. So good that we agreed that it was the best we ever came across. And so we ordered everything that was recommended on the poster even though there were only the two of us. 

Another thing worth mentioning would be this restaurant been awarded the OpenRice Best Restaurant Award 2011, best Guangdong Restaurant, and best restaurant in Mongkok.

So, our utmost favorite in this restaurant would be the 波罗叉烧包. All this while the 波罗叉烧包 that I have tasted in other places if not too dry, then it was too hard or not crunchy at all. But this one, omg it was so good. I had the urge of bringing some back for my family but too bad, there's no such thing. This is a must try! The bf and I even re-visited this restaurant the next day just for this but too bad the queue was like 2 hours so we shrugged the thoughts of it. 

Highly recommended! 

Then we also had the 猪肠粉, but an extraordinary one. We decided to try the 猪肝粉 which we never come across of in Malaysia. It was more to acquire taste I would say. Another worth trying. 

There come my favorite 虾佼 as well. The skin wasn't thick at all. It was just right. I hate eating 虾佼 which the skin was too thick that I can't see the prawns at all. This was real good, no kidding. 

The bf ordered this as well which actually seem to be the less attractive for me in terms of appearance. But then again, it really taste yummy. Oh no I'm definitely missing hong kong dim sum for now. I hope my mum will eat all these for me again when she is going there somewhere in April 2012. 

These are the 烧卖 that we always heard of in the TVB series/movies. What I must say is, no wonder hong kong people love ordering this so much. The pork together with the prawns are just perfect. I was wondering what sauce they used to marinate the porks and prawns while eating, totally clueless how awesome it can be. 

As for our desserts after such a heavy breakfast, I ordered the 桂花糕 which the bf dislikes by just looking at the pictures. It was actually some kind of jelly alike thing with chrysanthemum tea leaves in it. The moment I stuffed it into his mouth, he fell in love with it. My favorite!

And since we been waiting for the seats for like 1.5 hours, we decided to order another plate of dim sum before leaving. Our choice for the last plate went to 箩卜糕. Was feeling so full after the breakfast, so happy!

I was not exaggerating how good the dim sum was at all do take note. And I'm not writing as an advertorial post for them, in fact i quit writing for the sake of pocket money for quite a long time already. Now, it's purely interest. So, when I said it's good, I mean it. A total honest opinions. 

So for those we will be paying Hong Kong a visit soon, do visit this restaurant if there is a chance! Or I must say it should be in one of your to-do list in hong kong!

The bill came to around hundred something. Price range for a plate of dim sum is HKD16-23. Despite the long queue, it was worth it. 

旺角广华街2-20号翠园大楼2期地下8号铺 电话: 2332 2896

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