Wednesday, December 7, 2011

AlexChen's Birthday!

I particularly love birthday party/bash cause it's damn of a sign of nice food and catching up session. Celebrated one of the close friends - Chen Ming Hui's 22nd birthday with the gang at Daorae Korean Bbq last night. It was my n times dining in daorae, be it KL/Penang/Ipoh, and it is still the best korean restaurant ever for me. At least the taste is authentic and genuine enough. 

The boss birthday. We celebrated on the 6th of December which was yesterday, coincidentally, it was the beginning of the close friendship which took place exactly a year ago when both of us were offered internships placement together at the same place and spending the next 8 months together. Throughout these 8 months, what can I say. We basically know each other flaws pretty well. 

Since there were 8 of us last night, we ordered 4 bbq sets: 80% porks, 20% chickens. The porks we ordered were the marinated pork belly, pork ribs and pork specials. While the chickens were just marinated chickens with sweet sauce. Price range for one set of bbq was between RM28-RM35, which was reasonable enough as it was quite a big portion. 

Serving with 8-10 main appetizers (for free and refillable), it was really good. I myself truly love the kimchi, steam egg and coleslaw. I think we refilled like 3-4 or more times yesterday. Part of the reasons why some of us feeling so bloated before eating some of other main courses. 

The highlight and my personal pick in Daorae would be the bbq pork belly marinated in specially made sauce. Upon bbq-ed, dipping it in two different sauces and wrapping it with super fresh vege was just beyond words. For people who know me well, I do not eat pork belly. But when it came to Daorae, I couldn't help but putting slices of bbq-ed pork belly into my mouth and chew to satisfaction!

We ordered one set of bibimbap as well since it was one of the recommended dishes by the restaurant itself. Serving at RM20 for one, it was definitely worth the price. With the serving size, it definitely can't be finished by just one person. Mixing it with the prepared chili sauce, stirred it with the spoon, and ready to be consumed.

Not missing the Korean pancakes which was omelette-like. I'm gonna try making this when I'm back in Miri as it seems pretty easy, except for the sauce which was their sort of secret-recipe. 

And the most appetizing of all and best served in cold weather/room would none other than the kimchi steamboat. Inside the steamboat were: korean rice cake, korean noodles, porks and kimchi. For a large set, just enough for portion of 8. 

Our last main course was the fried glass noodles which was Alex's most favorite of all. Do not look down on such a small plate of fried glass noodles, it may look normal but it absolutely do not just taste normal. 

It was definitely one hell of a nice gathering and celebrations. 

And the 5 of us called a night off by spending 4 hours in kbox, singing to the heart contentment. 

Happy belated birthday, Alex Chen!

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