Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Parents' Day!!

This year mother's day coincide with my grandma 2 years of leaving the world and rejoicing in heaven with God. What can I say? A lovely festive season with a tinge of sadness in it. Albeit the mixed feelings, I decided to give my parents a nice treat at Park City Everly Hotel Tonight. Parents' day it is then for me.

The plan was to have it at best western hotel initially, which then change to Imperial Hotel, then to Boulevard Restaurant then eventually Park City Hotel. =___= Thanks to my mum for causing me to cancel and rebook continuously since yesterday. Fickle-minded. Now she is so uncertain with what she should wear tonight. =__= Anyway, it's mother's day. Who am I to complain on this day but to play along?

The dinner tonight will be only me, the bf, my parents. Few years back, it used to be one big family where me and my siblings together with the grandma and everyone will celebrate and have dinner together. But, things change with time.

Exactly today 2 years back, I can still vividly recall my grandma's funeral which is still now a real pain for us. I definitely wish that she and grandpa will be here to celebrate mother's day together with us. :/

Anyway, I'm not going to let my emotion to drive this suppose to be a very happy day to an emotional one. So, would just like to wish my mum and grandma(s), father and both belated grandpa(s) a happy parents' day. I don't just celebrate mother's day fyi. I celebrate both together.

Till then, bye.

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