Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Been there done that, what's next?

Traveling places has always been my top hobby and photographing come second. The reason for it, I'm not so sure. Most probably because I enjoy traveling a lot with the big family since high school and snapping pictures of every fond moment as part of memories.



Hong Kong



Zhuhai & ShenZhen




As a full time student, traveling could never been easier without any financial support from the family and also I MUST travel with them. Before my 20, my father think that it was still too young for me to be a lone ranger to any places. Also I can only be a lone ranger provided there's someone who is residing in the other country whom will be capable of taking care of me, which is another sigh.

Now that I'm still financially unstable, but the mindset has changed. I feel the need to travel around because I really really wanted to be more expose to the outside world, to see more things and to gain more. I do not want my sight to be just limited to Malaysia and seeing the world outside through internet and newspaper only. I wanted to witness it myself. Having a bf who travels a lot inspire me as well.

Hence, I would conclude:

Korea - Done
China - Partially Done
Hong Kong - Done
Macau - Done
Melbourne - Done (I can be your tour guide as well)
Singapore - Done (can be another tour guide also)
Brunei - Done (won't even consider this as a foreign country -.-)
Malaysia - 90% done

So the itinerary for this year:

Jan - Kuching (done)
Feb - Island Hoping in Sabah, KL (done)
March- KL (done)
April - Brunei, Labuan (done)
May - Perth (confirmed)
June - Kuching (confirmed)
July - KL, Seremban, Muar, Malacca, Bukit Tinggi, Ipoh, Penang (confirmed)
August - KK Sabah, Sipadan Island, Kuching, KL (confirmed)
Sept - Hong Kong, Macau, ShenZhen (confirmed)
Oct - Singapore (confirmed)
Nov - Bali Indonesia (confirmed)
Dec - London UK (tentative, oh please utp timetable)

Signing off, bye.

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