Saturday, April 30, 2011

Radio and DJ

I realize my blog is so totally a good place to vent my disgruntles because I know every single time after that I will feel so much better and having that slight satisfaction. No, I'm not gonna talk about my repugnance towards anyone today but towards MYFM. So you must be wondering what am I so unhappy over this MyFM? Not only I'm unhappy towards them, but sometime I feel like being downgraded so much after listening to it even for a mere 15 minutes every morning. Any staffs from Myfm, I hope you can talk this as a feedback from one of your listeners.

Every morning I will be having this 15 minutes drive from my house to the workplace so in order to cure the early sleepiness and to ensure myself more awake and alert, I will tune on the radio particularly Myfm. I NEVER listen to Hitz.FM in the morning cause it's worst with head-banging songs early in the morning and two DJ who think that they are so cool talking utter nonsense about the entertainment circle. Early morning mind you, who the heck will be interested with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez's gossip, or where Kate Perry had been to yesterday or this and that? Absolutely rubbish. But, lets not drift the attention to Hitz.Fm just yet, come back to MyFM.

So at exactly 7.40am every morning, Myfm will have this program where they will out cash if you manage to call in and win the game. What type of game? They gonna give you 3 answers and you have to come back with 3 questions that can match with the 3 answers. Example:

Answer: breakfast.
So your question could be: What do you call the first meal of the day?

Simple as that, if you can do it within 10/30 seconds (sorry I forgot), then you are entitled for the cash rewards. So which means, MyFM SHOULD give logical answers that people can come out with questions LOGICALLY.

So, there was once when an elder lady call and I sympathy her from the beginning to the end because of the answers MyFM givens. They asked her to come out with a question that can match the answer: LONGAN, which is a type of fruit. Hello people, within seconds, who the hell can come out with a question related to that? It has been 2 weeks and I'm still thinking hard for a question to that. So, she passed that and they give her another one which I find the DJ simply RIDICULOUS!

Answer: Kota Bharu
Lady: Er, Er..... (apparently she is stuck and nervous that she couldn't answer)

DJ (male): Times' up, sorry please try again next time. HAHAHA. Actually Kota Bharu is quite eaay geh. I believe she can do it one actually. Right? (asking another female DJ).

DJ (female): Hai lo (in cantonese). She can actually ask (erm.... hesitate for seconds). 102.3 is which state's MYFM station? Sure people will know is Kota Bahru already geh lo.

YEAHHHHH RIGHTTTTT. !@$!%@%$@ Take this! Who the heck know about that? For me, she sucks in Geography so much that she forgotten KOTA BAHRU IS THE STATE CAPITAL/ROYAL CITY OF KELANTAN!

So, why is she eligible to be a DJ first of all?

Actually, to MYFM DJs, I hope you all can spend an hour or two listen, LISTEN to the way you speak through the radio to the people. You have to understand that everything you said is on air. People will listen and comment so please speak something that everyone will understand and are in it. Most of the time, you guys are just talking among yourself with the topics that you people know only and we the listeners, know nuts what the heck you guys are talking about.

Earlier this year, I was told that there were a few of you who came to Miri to meet your fans. Well, my parents went there with their friends for it as well but I didn't and they were back early. Do you wanna know exactly what's their comment on you guys?

"Nonsense. Lousy. I have no idea what they are talking about. They are talking/chit-chatting among themselves only."

Please read more and tell us more facts like Political Issues/What's going on in Malaysia/Health Issues and etc but not "lam tak weng, what you been doing this weekend ahhhh" People are not interested! Or maybe just me? But I know most of my friends aren't interested as well. I understand that this is a music radio station to deliver new songs/musics to the people. So the next time if you don't know what to talk about, just play the songs, don't have to talk nonsense and confuse people with what you are actually trying to tell us?

And just now, I was listening to it again with lam tak weng telling a brief summary of his hard works and etc. There was one sentence which made me LOL and hello, be logical please? According to him, he said:"I work 25 hours a day, with barely 10 hours or less sleep a WEEK." Even one who works offshore has more sleep than you.

Yea, even if you wanna show us how hardworking you are in achieving your goal and dream, please be logical, don't have to exaggerate that much to impress us.

With that I rest my case, thank you!

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