Saturday, May 14, 2011

之前, 之后

hi, this is my pig bf with mustache. ^(o o)^


  • He is always willing to accompany me for any sports session, even volunteer to bring me badminton.
  • He will reply my whatsapp immediately
  • He will always entertain me every time we went out
  • He will always say I look nice in anything I wear
  • Whenever I suggest dessert, he will say OK.
  • I asked him zillion times to go badminton/swimming with me but he just doesn't want to. =.=
  • He will finish his football game (played using iphone) first before replying me. =_=
  • We always play with our phones every time we go out
  • Sometime he said I'm like wearing pajamas and laughs himself there -.-
  • Nowadays when I suggest dessert, I always get a no. aduhai.
In short, anyone happens to see my 之前's lovey dovey bf, please help me pick him up from the roadside or wherever and return him to me. =_= I give you RM50 in return. Thank you.

I think my pig bf is sneezing badly now when sleeping anyway. :P teeheeeee :D. Ok, good night. Bye!

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lasapka said...

good. that's Normal.