Friday, April 29, 2011


I'm back. xx

This is not gonna be a lengthy entry anyway. Just wanna summarize my tedious week that had came to a full stop finally.

Tedious, because I have to attend this well control course out of nowhere and sit for the mock exam right after the course. Tedious, not because this course is a pain of my ass (maybe part of it is) but i'm lazy to study! Com'on, it has been 4 months and counting since I last laid my hands on the book and actually used the laptop to read notes. Tedious, because I couldn't youtube peacefully without any sense of guilt in me.

So now, I have passed the mock and next might be the final exam if my mentor is kind enough to forked out USD 3000 just for each of the interns respectively for this exam. Alright, screw you exam.

Right after the mock earlier, I was soooo soooo relieved and happy that I thought I could finally go for a swim later after pausing for two days but !@#%@%@# PERIOD! Period on the 29th which means yea, I will be having period around this time next month which coincides with my trip to Perth.

T.T Life is great.

So other than my period pain adding to my emo-ness, my sister is part of the reason as well. Well, apparently she went to Rome and Vatican City without getting me a typical-tourist-will-buy-stuff which is "I love Rome" hoodie or "I love Vatican City" hoodie but a postcard from Vatican City. =_=||| Anyway, couldn't complain much otherwise I wont even have a postcard the next time she's going anyway.

I just had a big bowl of cococrunch with HL milk and right now I'm lying down on the bed with this laptop typing this entry. Geez? What a random update and entry? Who cares anyway, it's my blog. So, yeah bye.

Since this entry is so meaningless, I decided to sum it up with a picture of me and my COCONUT HAIR bf. Next week please come faster so that I can drag him to the saloon soon! Kthanksbye!

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