Thursday, March 8, 2012


After being away from a long hiatus (ignoring the recent random blabbering post), I finally have the damn time to sit down, sipping coffee and writing a decent entry to the heart contentment. There have been a lot of things happening around me which do not allow me to be as ignorance as before. 

All this while I have been giving people the impression that I'm probably the proudest girl you would ever see because I do not smile at people that often when I see them, or even if I do, it maybe doesn't look like a smile at all. I do admit that ever since last year, I have been really indifferent towards many things which I have no idea why, I have been pretty ignorance, which made my life a hell lot easier and happier. 

Ignorance has been a bliss because I do not have to get involved in friends' arguments, fights or anything. I can be a listener and comfort-er but I prefer to stay away from all the chaos, which made me become a closer friend to the virtual world than human beings.  My routine has been waking up, internet, lectures, assignments, call the family & bf, skype with sister once in a while then sleep. You see, sometime I wonder where's the interaction between me and the rest. 

Until recently, I have been making new friends and oh yeah, finally found someone whom I can clique together with. And in the same time, my friendships with the old pals just get better, which make me absolutely happier. 

And sharing(s) has never been this happier.

Till then. xx (boarding time)

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