Thursday, August 25, 2011


Shanghai was all about food, food, food and foodddd! The historical sites are not as much as compared to Beijing, but the crowd, damnnnn, it was even more packed!

Other than Shanghai, Bf and I managed to go to Suzhou and Hangzhou as well. I personally preferred Shanghai much more than Beijing because it was more civilized, food was definitely better but in the same time everything also doubled the price in Beijing. Crappp! Not only food, the metro, the taxi fare and etc.

Took the domestic flight from Beijing to Shanghai. What can I say? Even though it was a mere 2 hours flight, the service was gooddd! I never expect them to serve us food as well even though it was just congee with a meat bun, preserved vege and yogurt. Ok, I mad love the yogurt anyway.

We stayed at lao xi men international youth hostel in shanghai which was fantastic and rocks my socks. It was my first time to ever stay in a hostel and it was totally different than what I imagine. There are computers provided for us to use downstairs, a TV, place to eat and almost all the guests there are youth. Feeling so cozy at least.

Went to ChengHuangMiao for our lunch after checking in. It was a 20 mins walking distance from our hostel but it was fun, maybe depends on who you walk there with. Kept snapping pictures all the way there and I just love how the buildings were being structured in Shanghai.

ChengHuangMiao was so packed with people where everything you have to queue to get it. The xiao long bao, the custard bun, the smelly tofu, starbucks, mcd, dairy queens etc. =.= Really queue till sien. Sometime just wish that the people can disappear all of sudden.

We tried the infamous nan xiang xiao long bao where they served the normal size and the big size one (drank with straw) which was overratedddddddd despite the super long queue and ratings from internet! Hereby, I would like to SCREW YOU FOOD BLOGGERS FOR SAYING EVERY SINGLE FOOD NICE WHEN THEY ARE NOT. SCREW YOUUUU! Bf and I were so scare that the straw will melt due to the heat and this bao was actually so thick-skinned that you wont feel like eating it.

Then we visited the bund shanghai which I personally think that it was the highlight of the trip. The bund was so amazingly beautiful and sophisticated especially at night. It was my second time there and I still love it. We paid RMB100 each to enjoy the ferry ride and overlooking the night view of shanghai.

And like what many others do, we did not miss out the yu garden as well.

And the shanghai expo even though what's left was china pavilion. It was soooo scorching hot that day I could literally get killed by the heat. We queue for half an hour to get in there and PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. It was great though, at least I could say "been there, done that."

We went to the Oriental Pearl Tower that night too and again overlooking the majestic shanghai night view.

Amazing, isn't it?


Then we went to Hangzhou to visit the xi hu, jiu xi and long jing chun. We strolled along jiu xi for almost 1 hour and it was niceee. The water was crystal clear and you can just fill your bottle with it and drink it!

@ xihu (:

Then that night, we took the high speed train back to shanghai and settled our dinner at wu jiang road where we savored the best shui jian bao we ever had! It was xiao yang jian bao and it was worth the wait!

@wu jiang road

xiao yang shui jian bao. yummmmm!

mushroom and chicken soup ramen @ noodle bar

Went to Suzhou as well. I'm so lazy to describe everything already so let the captions do.

@shi zhi ling

yours truly

suzhou's water village

Dinner time was always my favorite. We settled at lisboa restaurant this time and since it was our last time in Shanghai, we just ordered everything we felt nice. :P And these two were my favorites:

the grilled ge zi

and fried fish with noodles

We left nothing at lao xi men hostel but scribbles on the wall to remind them/us that we were there before. OMG I am missing that particular hostel. Kidding, my bed is still more comfortable.

And my lovely bf

credit to bf for this :P @ shanghai pudong airport

So couples went to shanghai happily and back to malaysia fatter, rounder, darker. But it was worth the trip. (:

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