Sunday, August 21, 2011


in summer, is crappppp! It's so freaking hot that bf and I literally sweat like pigs every single day without fail. We spent 1 week in Beijing and another week in Shanghai, which every morning we woke up, feeling cold in the room thanks to air cond and the next minute when we were outside the room, we started to sweattttt! And my long hair just kind of stick to my neck everytime I sweat making me so utterly uncomfortable that I have to tie it up almost everyday even though I don't quite like it.

Albeit that crap weather, beijing was fun because:
  • I went there with my bf
  • Everything was cheap there (imagine divide it by 2.5)
  • The restaurants there served awesome food
  • The room we stayed in was comfortable to max
  • I watched Hell's kitchen & America Next Top Model on TV every night before I slept
  • Worth exploring
Few years ago I went to China during Winter. That time (2003) China was seriously the dirtiest city I ever encountered in my life. People just pooed at the drain visible to you and the public, toilet without doors and etc. But this time, the toilets improved hell lots but Beijing is still dirty in terms of air quality. They tops the world most polluted city and hence you can hardly see any cloud be it during day time, night time, sunny day, rainy day and etc.

So, bf and I conquered great wall of China the next day of our arrival in Beijing. We thought we could at least spent 2-3 hours walking there but NOOOOSSSSS, we were so wrong. The whole great wall of China was so packed with people because our trip coincided with china's school holiday and it's summer, caucasians love it during summer. We had to squeezed ourselves through just one slope and it took us almost 45 mins. Overlooking the crowd from the peak just made you feeling like giving up walking and just wanted to get back to the bus or wherever badly.

This was what I anticipated the most every time I went outdoor: the bed, the tv and the aircond. Sounds much like a loser I know but seriously Beijing is freaking hot. T___T

And this is what we could see from outside of our hotel, the cctv building which its architecture of it amazed me till now.

So the next day we headed off to the forbidden city which was as usual, sardined packed with tourists againnnnn and the heat wave. Pfffttttt! Anyway, it was a great place to actually experience the emperor's life in the past. What I can conclude from his life would be the eunuch around him definitely developed strong legs muscles considering the size of the forbidden city.

And being in Beijing, there was this food where everyone should not miss it - the infamous beijing kao ya (beijing roasted duck) which was awesome possum. We had it at trader's hotel instead of other place because it was nearer. Looking at this picture actually making me drooling for another bits of it.

After dinner, we headed off to wang fu jin food street by metro and walking. There were all sort of snacks selling there but bf and I had none cause we were scare shyt that those food will be sort of unhygienic after reading so much about it from the media. The stuffs there were really cheap though and were all at bargained price.

@ wang fu jin food street

taro pie at mcd!!!

Seriously this is my most favorite pie ever!!! The taro pie :P I had this for 3 days continuously and never feel sick of it. Too bad Msia mcd offers only apple pie. So lame. =.=

We also went to maozhetong's museum and became a modern emperor and empress there.


And not missing the olympic stadium out.

We had our dinner at ting tai fong again on our last night in beijing which this restaurants for us served the best xiao long bao you can ever find! Since I was a bit sick that night, bf ordered this chicken soup for me as well awwww how sweet of him :P


and the china's hutong

So much experience for this tripppp and love the guy to bits. I wonder if I will blog about my shanghai trip anyway considering my laziness. That's all for today. Byeeeee. For those who has yet been to china before, you MUST go but NOT during SUMMERRRRRRR!

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