Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ready to go?

The night was spent with the bf in his office, with him doing his final touch-up on his work for the handover since he will be off from rotation for weeks and me figuring out the maps that we will need to use for our coming 2 weeks vacation.

The whole google mapping process may sound tedious but it is freaking fun I tell you. Be part of it and you will find the whole excitement and fun behind it. Since small I had been traveling around to different countries and places with my family and it had been joining tour most of the time except for Melbourne as my brother is practically staying there. I have never really experience the needs of searching the maps to go anywhere. I thought my first map searching experience will be when I tour around Europe with the family, but I am wrong! :P

So I foresee the coming vacation to be an exciting one despite the scotching hot weather as warned by the bf. I'm all ready with sunblock, umbrella I guess. The only consideration would be, should I get a lomo camera before going or no?

I may not be a good photographer, but a camera maniac, I definitely am one.

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