Friday, August 5, 2011


You know you are in penang when you experienced malaysia top class reckless drivers here, and in the same time the best food you can ever find in malaysia! You call that penang, to the hail of food and i mad love penang hawkers' food!

penang baby!

The food hunting continued right here in penang after malacca where considering the amount of good food we gonna savor and several temples that we should visit to, we decided to stay here for 3 nights! Despite the fact that I travelled to penang almost every weekend without fail last year, sad to say that I did not really try on the hawker food much as my beloved cousin raymond knows the way to shopping malls, best restaurants in town but now hawker center.

My number 1 most favorite would be the LO MEE in penang which is also ChuangHwee's favorite. We both love it to bits and I can seriously down 2 bowls or more but considering the amount of pork oil or whatever in this bowl of heavenly tasty sumptious mee, I have to give up the thoughts. Selling between RM4-RM5. A must try! For a head-up, the taste is more to acquired taste.

The FU JIAN MEE which is not as nice as loo mee but is still considered nice. LOL ok it doesn't rhythm. My roommate ordered this almost everywhere we went (I NOTICED) and well, it was good but LOO MEE is better.

The assam laksa. The downside of this trip would be I did not get to try the best assam laksa in penang which is somewhere near kek lok si temple. Do you know how sad it is? Not really very sad. (:P) The government actually forked out quite a sum for the owner to renovate his stalls/shop/or whatever considering its popularity among tourists! How G.E.N.E.R.O.U.S!

*breakfast at pulau tikus

Drum rolls to the Penang fried kueh tiaw! I personally do not really like fried stuffs a lot but this is YUMMMYYYYY! Price: RM3.50 for one. I'm not gonna tell you where you can get the best, please search for it yourself.

The infamous kueh chap stall in penang where you can find duck meat other than pork in the kueh chap. How unique?! And the taste, definitely thumbs up!

Kueh Chap

This picture is here specially for alex because he says he looks thin in this picture and I uploaded it here to make him happy. We went to hard rock hotel for a "tour" around and was greatly disappointed with penang beach. Never in my life I ever see beach in "kopi-o" color. Despite the color, I can still see people enjoying the water activities pretty much. Imagine them swallowing few mouth of sea water accidentally, OMG YUCKS!

Thats all, bye!

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