Friday, June 10, 2011

Perth with Love

*This post is gonna be so saturated with pictures that I love!

I'm finally back to blogging after a not really that long hiatus all because I was away for the holiday with the bf in Perth! Perth, my turn to say been there done that even though not for long. Well, like what most of my friends describe, it's nothing happening compared to Melbourne. Oh well, depends who you are there with though I must say.

Btw guys please quit saying this is a honeymoon or whatever cause i'm not wedded yet! This is just our short gateway in Perth, to break free from all sort of craps at the workforce.

So we covered Fremantle, Margaret River and etc in Perth. I have vague memories towards the name of the street or whatever else cause I was too indulged with the food there. Enough of the nonsense, I know you guys hate reading as well, just see the pictures below.

Went to Fremantle/Freo for fish & chip after hearing so much about it. I was warned by the bf zillion times not to feed the seagulls as they will poop on me. Well, I really would feed them if he did not remind me constantly like an ah beng.

comment: go for traditional fish & chip cause it's the best!

Had the so called healthy burger by grill'd. This is the bf's. Have second look at it, it does not look any healthy to me but who cares? It was soooo yummy that I really felt like flying back to eat it again. :P It's called the front bar.

Comment: The taste almost gave me a cardiac arrest. AWESOME.

Had koko black for two nights simply because we couldn't resist the most tempting/best belgian hot chocolate ever! Picture above was belgian spoil which as you can see consisting: 1 choc mousse, 1 choc ice cream, 1 shortbread, 2 chocs, 1 choc cake. Belgian spoil and belgian hot chocolate are must try in koko black!

Comment: Need I say more?

We went to margaret river for 2 days 1 night and I had my first ever farm stay in my life before at birchfield farmstay. Well, for a timid person like me, I must admit that it was really creepy and the noise of ponies at night was really intimidating. Other than that, it was a cosy place to stay in and we enjoyed burning the charcoal and woods to warm ourselves up at night cause it was really too cold.

Relying on the gps and a map, the bf insisted of driving all the way to the beach nearby Redgate. I had no idea how long it took him to drive there because I was fast asleep all the way in the car like a pig. But the view at the beach was one word: magnificient

Take this as a commercial break, I'm so tired of the captions.

Leeuwin Wine Estate. Too bad we went there nearer the time to winter cause all the leaves dried up and hence, no grapes. :(

When we had nothing to do at night, we just chilled at home or played with two hyperactives crazy dogs. :P

Heard so much about this restaurant - Ciao Italia. Where in order not to queue for 1-2 hours, we decided to have an early dinner at around 530pm. Guess what, we were lucky enough to get a table as it was really packed after we were being seated. I had ciao italia fettucine which bf had the veal with priscuttio or something like that I forgot. The highlight of the night would be the best tiramisu I have ever tasted before!!!

Tiramisu @ Ciao Italia

This was taken at Cottesloe Beach. Finally, after few rainy days, a warm sunny day! I mad love the sun that day and the clear blue sky as it was perfect, more than just perfect for photoshooting even with just a G12.

This was taken after a heavy dim sum breakfast at a restaurant. I would say this is my shot of the trip because the color was harmony and I love the sky that day! The bf said he's gonna send this picture for contest. Fingers crossed.

There was this night where we tried the korean BBQ as well thanks to Ching and Jono! It was super nice to eat bbq during cold weather but heads up, never bbq pork intestine. The texture gonna be rubber-like.

We had San Churro after a heavy bbq dinner. Tell me how not to put on weight with the amount of food we ate. San Churro was sort of spanish donuts and you dip it in various kinds of chocs, and eat it! We had dark chocs, white chocs, milky chocs, and caramels as dipping that night. So tasty! And I ordered this Spanish Hot Chocolates which was so thick that I really can't go for the whole cup. Blurp.

Comment: Go for the diluted one instead of the thick chocs!

Had nothing to do on the last day so we practically strolled around Perth City for hours then headed to The Melbourne Restaurant to check up Chef Marvin's cooking. What can I say? He's a great cook and my pleasure to taste his cooking!

Courtesy of Chef Foo.

This is probably my longest entry ever! I gained so much weight at least 3kg back from this trip but a happier girl. Thanks boyfriend for bringing me there for such a wonderful holiday. <3 <3 Have a guess where our next trip would be?

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