Friday, June 17, 2011

Around Malaysia, Well, Mid Valley to be exact

Before I start with this long-winded entry that I foresee, I would have to state that my boyfriend maybe been to so many places eg. holland, switzerland, amsterdam, paris, vatican city, dublin, taiwan and so forth, he is definitely a loser when it comes to KL. Ironic isn't it? KL is my place, my shopping heaven, food heaven just that too bad I don't stay there. What a turn off.

We stayed in KL for a mere 2 days 1 night at cititel, midvalley for the sake of nice food and my shoppings. Shopping! I'm kinda sick of online shopping for no reason. Catching an early morning flight has always been a pain in my ass, what's more it was pouring heavily in Miri that morning when we were leaving to the airport. The check-in was unpleasant as usual. To make things better, we bought some sandwiches from starbucks so that we could just shut up and eat and not whining over the long queue.

This trip was all about eating. Before we departed to KL, I had sandwiches. Upon arrival to the hotel for check-in, we already finished one big pack of lays potato chips because it was too yummy. Once we checked in, I grabbed his hands and raced to Sushi Zanmai for sashimi and my sukiyaki which I had been craving for ages. Man, I felt so alive the minute I stepped into Zanmai.

the room

cheese baked oyster which I fancied much!


oh my sukiyaki

fat bf

We then walked around mid valley endlessly, ended up with two big bags of clothes from topshop and one from nichii, which made me pretty happy because I used to be a shopaholic and am still is. Since it was our month-sary or whatever you called it that day, we decided to dine at italiannies which served best pasta, and pizza ever. Instead of pizza, we opted for lamb shank which was really delicious and alluring.


aglio olio

lamb shank

My greatest achievement throughout this trip would be managed to drag him to the cinema for kungfu panda2 which I have been dying to watch. The story of the success behind was simply i bought and printed the tickets 2 days earlier and left him no choice unless he didn't mind RM31 to be in drain. The downside would be he actually fell asleep half way the movie. =_=

To sum it up, this is an unorganized entry which I just wanted to write something while waiting for that guy to get his shower done so that he can whatsapp me good night and i can sleep after that. Now that he is done, I'm gonna end this entry with a picture of us and good night! More proper updates tomorrow. Bye!

aaawwwww :)

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