Saturday, March 19, 2011


Screw you breakouts. oOo

I have no idea why I'm having this minor breakouts all of sudden. Almost every alternate week for the past 2 months i will have this small little tiny annoying pimples on my cheeks that pissed me off because i seriously hate pimples.

To cope with it, I signed up for a facial treatment nearby town. Paid RM280 for 4 sessions for facial and blackhead removal. What I wanna say here is screw those kinda facial treatments. It's not going to do any good to you. From my understandings, the treatment will just enlarge your nose pore and causing more blackheads, leaving scars on your face after they clean it.

I have 3 freaking scars on my face because of the facial. 2 caused by blackheads, 1 by pimple. Typing here, i'm feeling so dumb cause i literally thrown away RM280 just for 3 freaking scars.

Screw you facial centre, screw you breakouts.

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cel_shili lau said...

same situation here =( mine lagi cham...the breakout come 1 week b4 cny...summore included my forehead =(