Wednesday, February 27, 2013

He proposed. And I said Yes, I do! :D

Hello readers! Yes, after months of idling I finally have the time to write a proper post. And this time with a super outdated topic which was yea, the proposal. :) I was being proposed on 27th December 2012, which was also our second anniversary that day at Fontana Di Trevi, Italy. I never thought that I would have an oversea proposal as, oh well,  my current fiance could easily rank the first in most unromantic boyfriend ever. But this time, he proved me wrong.

As we had been traveling around Europe since 13rd Dec, we arrived Rome, Italy right on 26th December morning, checked in to hotel, went to Vatican City then had a good night sleep. Greeted with a happy anniversary early in the morning with a warning that I should finish the blueberry yogurt as it was expring soon by the boyf.

We went to the ancient historical spot right after breakfast which was The Colosseum. Had a long 2 hour there walking visiting every single corner as the boyf was so mad fascinated by the Colosseum. While I could see my sister kept yawning there LOL. Colosseum was nice indeed.

Lunch was at a nice restaurant where they served really good seafood spaghetti (always my most preferred choice of spaghetti). My sister and I had the same food while the boyf had lasagna.



On that day itself, whenever I started wandering around, I could see from far that my sister and boyf having some intense discussion then they parted every single time I walked near them. Well I should have sensed something wrong but I was thinking well maybe these two person were just bitching about me. LOL I had such bad thinking about them.

We then walked to Fontana Di Trevi which was only like a 15 minutes walk from the restaurant. I was shocked when we reached there. It was packed like sardine. Like mad packed! It was obvious people was trying to get to the front but no one was giving way. My God. We stood behind for like 15 minutes then decided to move in like super typical kiasu chinese. Finding and squeezing our way till the front and find the perfect spot for pictures. Then I asked for coins from the boyf cause I wanted to toss into the fountains like in the movie. :P He handed me several coins.

When I was about to toss it into the fountain. My sister stopped me. She said I was suppose to toss over my shoulder, so yea fine. Then I couldn't find the boyf for a picture of us tossing the coins into the fountain together. I gave up looking for him considering the crowds. So I flipped two coins into the fountain as it means I will come back to Rome again and I will fall in love here (kiasu ok. just tossed as many as I could).

Right after I tossed and sister snapped some picture, I turned around and saw my boyf one knee down with ringggggggggggg! A diamond ringggggggg :D And there he was asking me loudly "baobei, will you marry me?" I was so ecstatic, happy, touched and whatever it is I was so happy I said "yes.. yes yes yes I do".

He put on the ring for me and gave me a bear hug.

He had actually talked to my sister about the proposal and they planned it together. Aaaaww my sister. :)))) To celebrate our love, we went for fine dining  later that night.

27/12/2012. A really special and memorable day for us. :) My heart still skips a beat everytime I think of the proposal.

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