Friday, August 31, 2012

Uni life - Finale Season

8 more days to leaving uni and bidding goodbye to my 21 years of student life. Will I miss it? Maybe yes maybe no. But one thing for sure, I will never miss this place where I spent 5 years in. I made friends, good friends and enemies throughout this 5 years, survived without a car, managed to make it through the cultural difference, huge difference in living culture and etc. 

This morning, had a photo shot session with the four closest friends I ever have in utp. They may have or may not have judged me in the past but whatever it is they are still very adorable. You know, as time goes by, I really don't give a damn on what people think about me anymore. I'm beginning to enjoy living in my very own world, doing things I like without having the need to please anyone. 

Woke up as early as 715am though I slept at 6am only all because of insomnia. My mind was all about baking (my new found hobby), fashion and some other nonsense stuffs. Luckily I'm not a make up type of person, I'm always with my naked face hence I get myself ready real quick. Dressed up casually and off with the guys to Tronoh for our first session.

The night before we discussed about the theme and props that we might need for the photo shot. Thankfully for the early preparation of the props and etc otherwise it will be an awkward photo shot session. But since they are like my best friend, we really don't have any awkward silence or whatsoever. I just feel so damn it comfortable around them. 

The whole villagers are like staring at us wondering what the hell were we doing throughout the whole photo shot. We even did oppa gangnam style publicly. It was embarrassing yet fun. I really enjoyed every single bit of it this morning even though I'm completely drenched in sweat, feeling sticky all over and kind of annoyed by the mosquitoes bites.

Our theme was very simple. 5 years of study life in utp with the phrase "come here with nothing, leave with sweet memories." Indeed I'm gonna miss you guys, the shopping, movie, clubbing, drinking, party rock sessions and etc with you guys but graduating doesn't mean the end of the world, there is always a chance for gathering and meet up.

And with that, I thank you all for bearing with me throughout this 5 years of uni life and thanks for being my friends, my listeners, my shoulders through thick and thin.


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