Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Most "tiring" dream ever

I had the most tiring, mentally exhausted dream ever last night. I dreamt that me together with a big group of friends were chased by three freaking mad zombies while I was walking from my uni, utp to Ipoh. =.=!

I was on my way walking uphill when a lady driving a red local car, sped passed us then reversed again and dropped the three zombies to chase us. I was the fastest runner there and I ran like mad till I reached a place where it looks like the set up for representing China during Shanghai expo. Like dafuq how they even linked together in the dream. I found a big old antique cupboard and hid inside there with my sister. We peeped through the hole to see if the zombie ever find us. 

Then I was woke by the vibration of my phone, 1130am, where my boyfriend is trying to reach me telling me that he is right in front of my house gate waiting for me for lunch but made no avail. So my maid opened the gate for him and he surprised me by standing inside my bedroom throwing me a sentence with a sarcastic smile

"1130000 already and you are still sleepinggggg." 

Till now I still can't get over how those 3 idiots zombies chased me. It was so damn it tiring.

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