Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I just came back from a food trip with uni friends yesterday. It was a hot yet satisfying, fat yet contented trip after all considering all the good food we savored from Muar to Malacca, Penang and KL. Before I went, I had this high expectations towards Malacca with turn out to be slightly disappointing from my first experience because:
  • the weather is killing me
  • jonker street is not as happening as compared to the weekends.
  • this sign "no photography" is annoying me to bits in every shop, even in the museum!
I was wondering, since malacca is one of malaysia most visited tourist state, why the no photography sign everywhere in the shops or museums? How am I gonna promote it/describe how nice to it to my friends and entice them to visit there?

So, in some of the shop, I can only take pictures quietly like a thief. When I was in the baba and nyonya museum, the lady even warned me and another caucasian lady to stop snapping pictures and reminded us there were cctv(s) around. What the hell?

Anyway, this is malacca, picture taken around noon time 12.30pm which at that moment, it was freaking hot and I was feeling so sticky that I almost ripped off all the clothes I was wearing.

The infamous overrated chicken rice balls which we had for lunch that day. I not quite understand the long queue and hoo haa over it anyway. Maybe like what most bloggers did, I should write it this way:


No, this was overrated, seriously. Maybe I was being too fussy at that time. :P

The durian puff. This is absolutely nice except that the durian paste inside was not as concentrated as you thought it should be but whatever it is, this is awesome and anyone visiting malacca really has to try this!

Not forgetting the durian cendol which was so yummy. I was dreaded the smell and taste of durian but now, durian is like one of my most favorite all thanks to bf for keep saying/describing how nice it is. Oh well, doesn't matter the bad breath for a while.


There are more pictures taken in malacca anyway which I have uploaded it in facebook. For those who has yet to visit malacca, please do go there soon especially during weekends! Jonker street is not as happening as it is during weekends I repeat.

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