Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kolo Mee

I bet everyone knows I never down one bowl or even half a bowl of mee because I'm mad afraid of getting the fat contains. I have no idea who gives me the mindset that MEE is so fattening that I will just roll on the floor like a ball after eating it and mee hoon on the other hand, is not fattening.

In short, I can only watch people enjoying a bowl of kolo mee while me myself drooling all alone in the heart and act like I hate mee.

Out of frustration yesterday, the bf brought me to a cafe house nearby for supper. Ordered a bowl of kolo mee and a bowl of kueh chap. I can tell you, it's heaven!

Why on earth I been resisting myself from eating kolo mee when it is so freaking nice? Later my dad told me mee and mee hoon are equally fattening.

Damn. I will trade my bowl of mee hoon next time for mee.

kolo mee

kueh chap


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