Monday, July 11, 2011

The day I went to Brunei

Just for transformer 3 and sashimi.

Transformer 3 for me, definitely much better than transformer 1 and transformer 2. I like this story line better, I like the effect better and most importantly I freaking like the main actress in this movie- Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Rosie definitely looks better, dress better, speak better, acts better, way more elegant, sexier, hotter and whatever compared to Megan Fox. Not many people who second what I said about Rosie including my bf. But, she is definitely my idol from today onwards.

The first few second she appeared in the screen, I was so stunned by her beauty that all I did was keep shaking the bf and said: "she is so hot so pretty!!!!" My god. Believe it, I mad love all the clothes she wore in the movie even. I'm perfectly straight if some of you are wondering just I never see any woman as pretty as Rosie.

Anyway, screw you all who said megan fox is better.

How can anyone not falling in love with this girl?!! OMG. Don't come telling me Angelina Jolie is still hotter compare to her. One of the greatest thing victoria secret ever did other than making gorgeous lingerie would be choosing Rosie as one of the victoria secret's angels.

Putting that aside, finally bf and I caught a movie and went for nice sashimi in Brunei after planning for it for so long simply because whenever he is off from offshore or whatever rotation, I will either be occupied or not in Miri. When I'm free, he has to work on weekends and bla bla bla. So really thank God for this that we finally had a chance to ditch Miri lousy cinema and went all the way to Brunei just for that.


Roaming around Empire Hotel after movie since it is just beside. Brunei is an extremely boring place if you guys are wondering. It is probably the most boring country I ever know because there's no nice scenery around except for this hotel because it is freaking 6 stars. So, the attractions in brunei would most probably be: to catch a movie in Brunei - nice, the sashimi here - cheap and fresh, supa save - where you get to buy important junk food/stuffs. Other than that, boring.



Till then. I just wanted to express how much I admire/adore Rosie Hunington in this post. :P Bye.

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