Monday, May 23, 2011

9 weeks

I just realized my internship has 9 weeks left to go. Minus out the bridging and Gawai holiday, exact 8 weeks left for me to be in the office, playing with the coffee machine every 2 hours, roam around the office mindlessly, bullshit with friends and the next minute you realize, *tadaaaa* wan sin will be out of Shell office happily if Landale passed my assessment or with a pissed off face if he fails me.

So what exactly had I learnt in the past 23 weeks other than all the above? Public relation? Yea, I see how gentlemen turn to become one of my bull gang weeks later. For example, my counterpart in taking bottles and bottles of mineral water for free from the training course - Alex. I remember at the very first few weeks of the internship where we just got to know each other better than acquaintance, he was so quiet. But now, I think we can gossip non-stop whole day without any boundary in speech. Oh yeaaaa. This is how strangers become friends anyway, good thing.

Also, I witnessed how lazy I became from time to time. In the beginning, I never NEVER get tired of at least dressing myself up a little before I go to the office. Now, you can see me with slippers everywhere once I'm in my own "cubicle". I do keep a pair of slippers there cause heels kill and sucks (I got blisters like every alternate weeks damn) even though they made me look longer. The fact is it won't change the fact that I'm merely 158.5cm tall.

The only non-hypocrit would be dumbass Preveen where at the very first day, he been showing me his middle finger and scolding me dumbass/asshole/idiot/fcktard and that never change till now. It's just that I start referring him as a fat dumbass as well for now.

Other than all the nonsense you just read and I just typed above, I love Shell all in all. Shell is truly a wonderful place for training indeed where they keep sending you for courses after courses for FREE and the certificates are being acknowledged globally and that my friend I tell you is priceless! I highly doubt other company will not hesitate to send their internees for training and courses for free and continuously like Shell did. I'm not bragging anyway, I'm sharing for God sake.

I just wanna say that no matter how much I ever complain about this company and etc, I'm gonna miss it when I leave and I definitely wish I will go back there right after my graduation.

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