Monday, April 11, 2011

Suck on your idiocy, pathetic loser!

At the age of 22 and soon to be 23, I should definitely be matured enough to not holding grudges over any vehement remarks anyone going to give me. A girl at the age 20 and above, should be able to discern what is right from wrong, what is a bitch act and whats not. BUT:

To a friend of mine,

If the conversation between you and your bf /gf has become so starkly boring/out of topic, please do not make me a topic between the both of you. Why the heck you wanna discuss about me when I have nothing, completely nothing to do with your screwed up love life with your boyfriend at all?

Please go on continue dirty talking with your bf like how you both like it and use to be, how you wanna bath with him/her and stuffs, how you want him/her to dress up, how you want him/her to hug you to sleep, what you two going to do when both of you go out for your rendezvous, your future with him/her, what a fervent couples both of you are with the burning ardent love, grouses on your daily life, your feces but not me!

When the conversation between both of you become so starkly boring and the desperation for a topic is becoming strident with one of you importunating a new topic vociferously, talk to each other and sort the problem out! Stop focusing on me as if you are revolving around my life (mine is definitely not revolving around yours, yours is screwed up). Get a life would you? Shame on me for venting such childish issue here as well but I can't take your bitchiness, childishness, menacing defamation any longer.

Hello, I'm not incumbent to tell you this! Discussing about me, my looks, my body, my boobs with your bf/gf really do make you sound pathetic, so pathetic that I sympathy you this much!

Kid, if you want ice-cream, go and ask from your parents.

But if you want a topic to talk about with your partner, use your freaking rusty brain to THINK! You are not given a brain to just think of how to dirty talk each other for the sake of imaginary temporary pleasures!

Goodness, I pity you, your jealousy and your pathetic love life. Learn how to love before you even slander others.

If you feel that I'm talking about you, then ask yourself these following question:

1. Did you ever make me a topic?
2. Does it sound like i'm talking about you?

Otherwise don't jump into conclusion that it's you who i'm talking about, it could be other people.

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