Thursday, April 21, 2011

I dislike non-gentlemen!

Hi, this is sincerely for all the non-gentlemen out there. If you feel that you are one, take some time to read; if you are not, please read too! I'm speaking from a girl's point of view which at some point, agreed by most of my guy friends as well. So here it goes:

It is a common thing that all girls dislike stingy guys unless they are super weird. Now, being in a workforce, I encounter this type of guy every single day. Okie, maybe every 2 hours. I'm no kidding and I'm sick & tired it. Why? Imagine you as a student, being placed in a company as a "hard labor", earning RM900 which is so little and the employees are earning thousands plus with another few thousand of relocation fees. But of course, the workloads are incomparable, what are we compared to the employees' workloads and burdens anyway.

So, with a wee RM900 in hand and still a student who is still being very dependent of the parents, I dislike GUYS, ALL THE GUYS, who always spit this phrase in front of me be it intentionally or unintentionally.





Guys nowadays not only stingy, but thick faced as well. Hello, fyi, we are just interns and students, using PARENTS money and don't even know how to freaking earn a cent yet! I don't know which of your brain nerves are not working that you can actually ask us to buy you lunch ALL the time and most importantly "I NO MONEY LA.. I NO MONEY LAR... I NO MONEY LAR..." so repetitive and annoying in front of me zillion times to a state that I feel like slapping your face hard enough.

Or, when hanging out in a group. I dislike listening to such conversation between guys especially in the public. I believe all the girls dislike such conversation as well.

Guy A : eh, you pay la. i no money.

Guy B : who said i got money. i no money la. u pay la.

Guy A : Don't so kiam can, you pay la once in a while.

Guy B : Thank you guy A, i know you wanna pay.

Guy A : in your dream la. i really no money la, so poor.

Guy B : I always poor lo, no money

Guy A : you poor i poorer lo

Guy B : you dont fake there. i'm poorer. no money.

................. (and it goes on and on until one of them pay)

!@!%$R@#@T You think very cute is it having such conversation in the public? Very ugly you know? Between gentlemen, they will always fight for the bill. Between non-gentlemen, they will always push the bills. Between gentlemen, they will NEVER ask A GIRL TO PAY unless the girl insists. Between non-gentlemen, old/young/girl/guy whoever it is as long as got two eyes, 1 mouth, 2 ears, they will do the conning.

Gentlemen will never say "HAR I NO MONEY LAR" in front of a girl unless he misplace or forget to bring his wallet.

Non-gentlemen will always say "HAR I NO MONEY LAR. I WHERE GOT MONEY.. REALLY NO MONEY... " in a repetitive manner somemore.

All in all, which category are you and which category do you want to be in?

To the guys of there,

DON'T EVER EVER REPEAT THE SENTENCE "I NO MONEY LAR..YOU PAY FOR ME LA MISS CHEY" this and that MORE THAN 2 TIMES in front of me anymore especially when you are working and earning already because:

  • I haven't even start earning yet. I got even lesser money than you do!

  • I'm still a student and depending on parents!

  • If you wanna turn down anything, use a wiser sentence! eg: "okie la. next time. not today"

You might be joking, but definitely hurt my ears at some point.


Angel Of Deth said...

wow. u really are pissed off. i can tell. i can totally relate to you and your said situation. i myself am a man but stil i have been in this situation before and it's very annoying.

amirah razali said...

i agree with u wan sin!!!